Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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 Bone Pile Shop Supplies

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Character Information
Character Size: 99cm
Other Characters: Alayus & Rishi
Animal Species: Dire Wolf

Bone Pile Shop Supplies Empty
PostSubject: Bone Pile Shop Supplies   Bone Pile Shop Supplies EmptyMon Oct 17, 2016 10:46 pm

Welcome to the Bone Pile Shop! Here all the things inaccessible when creating your character can be purchased, make sure you have enough Bones! Bones is SR's currency and you can get Bones by posting around and helping out around the site. Have any more ideas? Post in the site suggestions thread.
Items can go "out of sale" for various different reasons.

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4798753

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4802005
When you first join you get 4 FREE character slots. Once those slots are used up you must purchase new slots in order to adopt or create a new character.
Slot Five- 300 BONES
Slot Six- 400 BONES
Slot Seven- 500 BONES
Slot Eight- 600 BONES
Slot Nine- 700 Bones
Extra Slot(s)- 350 Bones for every slot after.
*There is no limit to the amount of characters you can have. Staff do not have to pay for extra slots until after their fith slot!*

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4802006
If you're wanting to spice up your characters appearance, look no further! With this product, you can have your characters eye color be unusual to totally bizarre! You can even have your character have two different eye colors!
Heterochromia- 250 BONES - a difference in eye coloration or a darker / lighter pigmentation in one eye than the other.
Bizarre Eyes- 300 BONES - Crazy eye colors like, white, red, etc.
Eye Changer- 100 BONES - allows you to change your characters eye color from one color to another. An example of this is blue to green.
*Allowed colors: blue, green, white, gray, black, red, hazel, brown, amber, and different shades of mentioned colors. Please edit your characters biography to match your characters current looks.*

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4802009
Have a character that you want it to have some more bling to show off? Well lucky for you, this shop has just what you need!
Bandana- 10 BONES
Ear ring- 5 BONES
Feather- 15 BONES
Skull Mask- A mask of an animal skull. 100 BONES
Crown- can be a crown of woven flowers, fur, etc. 20 BONES
Scarves- Generally can be found littered around abandoned human camps. 15 BONES

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4802010
Another way to spice up your character's appearance can be done by getting this product here. You can add strange markings to your character that might be genetical or you could just change your character's fur color.
Fur Changer- 150 BONES Completely change your character's fur color.
Genetical Markings- 250 BONES  A marking that's only genetical, meaning if you have offspring you have a chance at passing it on to a pup or cub.
Strange Markings- 250 BONES Markings that are not normally found on animals in the wild. Allowed Markings: Aztec, Hebrew, Egyptian, Lybian, Greek, etc.
Exotic Fur Markings- 500 BONES Prints that usually found on other species. For example, a tiger having leopard print and a wolf having tiger stripes. Could also be zigzags and geometric shapes. Allowed Markings: Tiger print, Leopard print, Cheetah print, etc
*Please edit biographies to match your character's current looks.*

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4802012
This product allows two different parent species to breed and have a litter together. For example, if a member owning a lion and a member owning a tiger want to have their character's breed together they would need to purchase this product before their mating is even possible. Or if you're wanting to create a liger or other hybrid you'd need this product. 1,200 BONES

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4802013
When you are wanting offspring you normally have to make an offspring request and have a dice role done to figure out your litter size, genders, and genetics. This product, however, enables you to choose your own litter size, their genders, and genetics. Be sure to specify in your offspring request that you are PURCHASING your litter size and their genders. You can have up to 6 offspring per litter. 50 BONES PER offspring and an added 50 per offspring for their genders!

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4802014
Wishing to have a wolf who isn't in a pack? This product allows you to make a character who doesn't HAVE to join one of the two groups! 900 BONES

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4802015
This product allows you to create a character with an abnormal size. A sneak peak of the sizes for wolves, however if you want a more detailed sizing chart please check here.
Extra Small- 250 BONES
Extra Small- 275 BONES
Small- 100 BONES
Large- 400 BONES
Extra Large- 1,000 BONES

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4802016
Want your character to live longer? Then look no longer! This product allows your character to live longer than average.
Increase by 2 years- 300 BONES
Increase by 3 years- 400 BONES
Increase by 5 years- 800 BONES
Increase by 7 years- 1,600 BONES

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4802017
This product allows you to purchase our rarer and special breeds that normally aren't found in the wild. Without this, you cannot roleplay a feline or canine that is considered 'rare'.

Dingo- 275 BONES
Tibetan Wolf- 200 BONES
Maned Wolf- 400 BONES
African Wild Dog- 275
Dire Wolf- 1,000 BONES

Indochinese Tiger- 275 BONES
Malayan Tiger- 100 BONES
Sumatran Tiger- 400 BONES
Persian Leopard- 1,000 BONES
Amur Leopard- 275 BONES
Javan Leopard- 100 BONES
Sri Lankan Leopard- 1,000 BONES
Sinai Leopard- 100 BONES
Transvaal Lion-400 BONES
Katanga Lion- 1,000 BONES
Masai Lion- 100 BONES
Tanzania Cheetah-400 BONES
Suden Cheetah- 1,000 BONES
Iberian Lynx- 275 BONES
Canadian Lynx- 100 BONES
Ocelot-300 BONES
Caracal- 300 BONES

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4826240
Not wanting to wait for mating season in order to breed? You're in luck as this product enables one to breed with whomever they so wish to when it's not mating season. Only one couple needs to buy this product. 350 BONES

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4826244
For those that are expecting this product here allows one to have a shorter waiting period of being pregnant. On Seeking Redemption you are pregnant for 4 weeks if you do not want to wait that long buy this product and that waiting period will be cut in half. So this product will cut it down to 2 weeks instead of 4. 350 BONES

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4826247
Not satisfied with the results of your dice roll? This product allows you to have another dice roll done one more time. Whatever one you're most satisfied with will be the concluding dice roll. 170 BONES

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4826293
This product acts as a bypass if someone wants to join a banned pack or create a banned species without having to wait for the pack to become joinable again or for the banned species numbers even out. 500 BONES
*Pm Nero for more information based on the rules and regulations*

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4802019
Tired of taking orders from others? Or not completely satisfied with your pack? Your in luck my friend because with this cool feature you can MAKE your very own pack! You NEED to have at least Six other members join your pack in order for this to be possible. 4,000 BONES
*Pm Nero for more information on this product*

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4802020
To avoid all these injured or disabled character's, you must first purchase the disability before you create a disabled character.
Blind- Your character could be partially or completely blind. The life of your character could be changed greatly and they will have a hard time. 300 BONES
Deaf- Your character can be partially or completely deaf. This ailment could seriously hinder your feline and they will have a hard time. 300 BONES
Limp/Lame Do you wish to have a limp / lame character? With this product, you can now create a character with a PERMANENT injury. Characters with this ailment won't be able to become high ranks. 400 BONES
Loss of a Limb- This ailment seriously injures your character, most big cats or canines would perish in the wild. Sardothien is less likely to accept a useless wolf into their pack, Pixduas might be more likely to accept such cats or canines.
Mental Illness- A character that has unexplained breakdowns in thoughts, feelings, and actions. They can either have up to, but not limited to, audio or visual hallucinations. 500 BONES
Personality Disorder- A disorder that affects a characters functionality when it comes to thoughts, feelings, and actions. 500 BONES
*Any questions pm, Nero*

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4811234
When creating a character we don't allow felines or canines under the age of 2 years old as we don't want all these cubs and pups running around, however this product here enables you to be able to create a pup or cub under the age of 2, but above the age of 4 months old. 600 BONES

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4798762

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4802022
This allows two members character's that are mates to become mateless again. Both members must agree to become divorced to get this particular item. 250 BONES

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4802023
Don't want to wait for a staff's response when using the NPC creatures? Great, you're in luck! This purchase allows you to roleplay as one of the NPC's we have available without waiting for an Admins or Mods/Global Mods reply. 400 BONES

Bone Pile Shop Supplies 4802024
Want to open and offer your services to the members of Seeking Redemption? Purchase this and you can create your very own Graphics shop. Here are the procedures for obtaining a graphics shop:250 BONES
Shop Image and Name-
You get to provide the image you want to be used for your shop and your shop's name. The image must be 500 pixels x 150 pixels long and wide, anything bigger or smaller will be rejected.
Greeting- A little introduction and greeting that will be put below the image you provided.
Examples- Generally examples of your work. This helps members know what your work looks like.

*An additional 250 BONES are charged if you want to change your graphics image, shop name or description*
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Bone Pile Shop Supplies
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