Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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Nanny Magnum
Nanny Magnum

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Join date : 2016-11-10

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PostSubject: Magnum   Magnum EmptyThu Nov 10, 2016 5:17 pm


Magnum Golden_gaze_by_nika_wolfgirl-d4xuz6l

Magnum the Agnostic


Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Age: 3

Sardothien or Pixduas?:

Maned Wolf


Crush: N/A

Mate: N/A

Pups/cubs: N/A

Eye Color: Spanish Gold

Special markings/scars: One down the backside of their tail, which you cannot see.

General appearance: A scorching red maned wolf, Magnum cares only for their pack and has a deep caring for young ones. They have spiky fur and a scar down the underside of their tail. They have a dusty brown on the inside of their ears, and a white underbelly. Their paws are a dark brown.

General personalty: They understand anyone's problems with a deeply caring heart, and their voice is unrelated to their appearance - a childish voice with no specified gender. They dislike fighting, and rather use words.


  • Peace

  • Compliments

  • The warmth and summer


  • Coldness

  • The stubbornness of being involved in a certain opinion

  • Disorderly fashions

They were born into the Pixudas pack, and kindness is all they have ever knows. They know what is right and wrong, and has a rather nanny-like and orderly personality. They aren't easily worried, and if you do something once, they will assume you will do it again.


Application keys?:
Steals away one of the keys - Nero

How did you find us?:
Alpha Nero, on another site!

Other characters:

Roleplay post:
Magnum walked with their long legs down a sandy-soil pathway. Their golden eyes flitted upwards, like the softly beating wings of a sparrow. Their ginger-red pelt blazed as they strode along, their ears lowered and tipped with a dark russet color. They wore a crooked grin, yet it was good-natured. They looked around, patrolling to find some lost cubs or pups. They never liked to see them isolated and alone, shivering beside a tall ash tree. However, that sight was what their eyes seemed to want to pick out.

@Alpha Nero, Alphess Raina, Loner Bràth
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Rad Radish
Rad Radish

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Age : 18
Location : In a field full of butterflys... though life isn't as simple.

Character Information
Character Size: 82 cm
Other Characters: Rogue Blixt, Pup Renzo
Animal Species: Grey wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Magnum   Magnum EmptyThu Nov 10, 2016 6:45 pm

Hello, Magnum! Sadly, there is several things wrong with your bio you need to fix before I can accept you.

Maned wolf - Maned wolves are a rare variety of canine, therefore needs to be bought from the shop.

Realistic pic - Here on seeking redemption, we will only allow realistic avatars and signatures, meaning photographs taken of real animals. Therefore, pics that are drawn are not allowed. Please change your avatar.

General appearance, general personalty, history - They are not quite long enough. Please add at least a couple more sentences to each one. Also, unless your character does not know who their family are, please fill in the "family" slot.


Magnum Chas_s10
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