Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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 Sicarius of Sardothien

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Warrior Sicarius
Warrior Sicarius

Posts : 7
Join date : 2016-11-10
Location : Lurking somewhere in Sardothien..

Character Information
Character Size: 140 cms; 31 kgs (68 lbs)
Other Characters:
Animal Species: Snow Leopard

Sicarius of Sardothien Empty
PostSubject: Sicarius of Sardothien   Sicarius of Sardothien EmptyThu Nov 10, 2016 8:44 pm


Sicarius of Sardothien 160ea0o

None. Only Sicarius.


Sexual Orientation:
Bisexual - female preference.

2 years old.

Sardothien or Pixduas?:

Snow leopard.





Eye Color:
Icy blue.

Special markings/scars:

General appearance:
Sicarius is a solid shape - processing broad shoulders, and a beefy overall build. Sicarius is muscled feline, with both long limbs and a long tail. Sicarius has a relatively smaller sized head in comparison to his shoulders. Sicarius is average in size, however due to muscle; he is slightly towards the heavier spectrum (but not unusually or irregularly heavy).

Sicarius's pelt is a slightly off-white colour, a tan cream with dark, rounded leopard spots scattered across his body. Sicarius has bright, icy blue eyes which stand out among his fur pallet.  

General personalty:

Positive traits: Hard-working, determined, honorable, relatively friendly, fearless, sweet.
Negative traits: Aloof and unsure when it comes to crushing/mates.

Sicarius is a genuinely nice guy - he is friendly to meet and relatively pleasurable to talk to. However, he is selective of who he gets close to, and who he trusts in. Sicarius - when one gets to know him, will realize that he's actually a very passionate and sweet male. Sicarius loves easily and gives openly.

Sicarius is not a flirtatious male, he genuinely seeks friendship and companions more than anything else. In fact, when it comes to the opposite gender; Sicarius is clueless in determining whether the other is interested in him, or simply acting friendly.
Sircarius is a determined and hard-working male, eager to see his pack prosper. He doesn't always agree with some of Nero's methods and darker forms of authority, however he respects him and follows him nevertheless. Sicarius is not the type to challenge authority, or move a paw out of line, unless the situation is seriously dire or if it is something he feels passionate about protecting or improving.

Sicarius is not a male who is easily intimidated. He fears very little, and generally wears a rather bored or disinterested expression if conflict ever arises. He finds enemies who attempt to intimidate him boring, hence why his expression seems still. He does not hate conflict - in fact, he is good at fighting and excels at in particular battle strategy. As mentioned earlier; he is determined to see his pack prosper, so will fight or battle if it is for the greater good, or if he gets irritated to the point he starts conflict.


  • Implementing his well-thought out battle plans and strategies.

  • Climbing and battling - two of Sicarius's most favorite hobbies. His rough gray paw-pads assist him in his climbing efforts. Sicarius likes to feel high up, and likes to feel free yet oddly in control.

  • Snow and the colder seasons.


  • Being alone - Sicarius would not enjoy being alone, or being a rogue/loner. It's not something that would suit him well. Sic likes surrounding himself with others and working in a pack.

  • Disrespect and dishonor to the pack and/or members within.

  • Swimming - not Sicarius's favorite activity. In fact, he struggles to swim and does rather poorly at it.

Sicarius has not really known life beyond the pack. The male never knew his father - a perceived male brute colored in white, who died early on in the pregnancy of the unborn litter. Sicarius's mother however was a gentle she-cat with a easy tone and an affectionate nature. She birthed two cubs - Sicarius and Crytia. Crytia however did not make it outside the walls of the warm cave of the birthing den. Crytia died due to an unknown illness. The illness was rapidly spread to the mother, who managed to fight it off. Sicarius had been lucky and had managed to avoid the infection all together. He grew up, like any standard creature in the pack. The pack was known for being harsher and more ruthless than the counterpart; Pixduas. However, Sicarius's mother taught him kindness and polite habits as well. Sicarius's mother died when he was only around 1 year old, however. The same sickness that had killed Crytia some time ago, had sought vengeance again. Sicarius grieved for her, for some time. She had been a special part of his life, and had always done her best to ensure he could be the best he could be. It was her goal to ensure he became both tough, strong and brave, while also demonstrating traits of kindness and compassion. Sicarius is now a warrior, having just reached his dreams, and having hopefully made his mother proud.

Nameless white brute - Father - Unknown status.
Azalea – Mother - Deceased. (6 years old upon death; tan colored snow leopard with brown eyes).
Crytia – Sister -  Deceased. (4 months old upon death; snow white colored leopard with brown eyes).

Application keys?:

How did you find us?:

Other characters:
@Jaeger Emysia

Roleplay post:

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Scout Rishi
Scout Rishi

Posts : 16
Join date : 2016-10-29
Age : 18

Character Information
Character Size: 30 in.
Other Characters: Alayus & Nero
Animal Species: Ocelot

Sicarius of Sardothien Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sicarius of Sardothien   Sicarius of Sardothien EmptyThu Nov 10, 2016 11:10 pm

Sicarius of Sardothien Tiger_12


Sicarius of Sardothien Ri10
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Sicarius of Sardothien
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