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 Pack Information

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PostSubject: Pack Information   Fri Oct 21, 2016 8:07 pm

Sardothien was the first pack in Ithera, long before Pixduas came. This cruel, hostile, and savage pack is located in the mountainous territory. Being Northwest of Pixduas, the average daily temperatures are lower. Any canines or felines who can't tolerate harsh winters will be in jeopardy. Sardothien is being lead by a purebred dire wolf demon, Nero. The alpha doesn't believe in ceremonies like the Pixduas, but he believes that only the strongest survives. Any weaker members will be treated harshly. He isn't one to mess with and won't hesitate to use brute force. The rest of the pack isn't much different. Beware trespassers, the Sardothien is a force to be reckoned with.

Pixduas was the second pack in Ithera. Some of the members who were originally from the Sardothien pack left with Pixduas because they didn't agree with what they stood for. This nice, peaceful pack's territory is full forest and is located on the Southeast of Sardothien. Due to this, the average temperatures will be higher. The summers can be extremely hot. Pixduas is lead by the kind and selfless Raina. Unlike Nero, she believes in ceremonies and isn't quick to look down to weaker wolves. She is very open-minded and intelligent. The pack as a whole believes in speaking before fighting which makes them honorable.


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Pack Information
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