Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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 Reaper of Sardothien [WIP]

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Reaper of Sardothien [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Reaper of Sardothien [WIP]   Reaper of Sardothien [WIP] EmptyTue Nov 15, 2016 11:44 am


(Add a reasonably sized picture of your character here)

Rea or Reaper of Souls


Sexual Orientation:

Four years old

Sardothien or Pixduas?:

Black Leopard





Eye Color:
A jade green

Special markings/scars:
Smaller less notable scars adorn his sleek black fur.

General appearance:
Reaper is rather plain when it comes to looks, being a black leopard his fur appearance is as dark as midnight. When in the sunlight his black fur can appear a dark brown with hidden ringlet's of leopard spots all along his build. Despite working his whole life as a shaman he didn't inherit his mother's more slender frame and instead carried his father's more bulky complexion. Cool green eyes adorn Reapers face along with a sleek looking coat. Despite looking soft and sleek Reaper's coat is, in fact, rough to the touch and rather short making winter a bitter season for the leopard.

General personalty:

Apathetic: Reaper is someone who shows little to no emotion to his enemies and friends. He can be seen as cold and hostile when in fact he just really doesn't care about petty things such as emotions when they tend to get you killed or hurt. He shows little concern for the littlest or biggest things in life and has no interest in doing 'fun' things to spice his life up more.

Pragmatic: Theoretics are not an ideal of Reaper's more formidable traits, however, he is someone who deals with problems with sensibility and in the most realistic way he can possibly find. This can be a barrier for Reaper as he relies so heavily on realism to solving a problem than thinking outside the box with theoretics.

Haughty: Reaper is someone who thinks he is superior of those below him and his disdainful towards those who show emotion and happen to be jolly. He knows they cannot help it that that's the way of their personality, but Reaper is disdainful to anything he sees as weak or wrong.

Dignified: The gentlemen is very dignified when it comes to the most simplest of things. At times this can make him seem uptight and harsh when in fact he sees no point in lollygagging and fooling around. When he walks, he walks with pride that naturally commands respect from those around him. To Reaper losing control of your emotions and actions can be a weakness and then later exploited to someone else's gain. And so Reaper avoids giving away his thoughts, feelings, and actions to shield himself from those who would jump at the chance to exploit his weaknesses.

Brooding: Reaper is someone who sits and thinks about things instead of saying them out loud to those around him. He isn't someone who just blurts things out and instead quite enjoys the solace of just him and his thoughts. He enjoys the peace and quite with endless thoughts just waiting for him to think about.

Calculating: Reaper is someone who sits in the background in the shadows and just watches those around him. Waiting and watching is his thing and he prides himself on being a strategist who calculates all routes and their outcomes that he can use to his advantage. This can make him a very formidable opponent who instead of using brute strength uses his mind.

Gentle: For the ones who can in fact break down Reaper's steel walls are rewarded with his more affectionate side. He rarely shows it in front of others, but when in privacy Reaper is, in fact, a very gentle and caring guy who is there for his loved ones.

Strieghtforeward: Reaper does not see the point in sugar coating his words and actions. What is the point of answering honestly if you are only just going to lie so you don't hurt the ones you love? He sees this as pointless and will be straightforward whether you like it or not. He will not hesitate, to be honest, and speak his true thoughts out loud.

Heartless: Reaper is one who is willing to take all the burdens in the world without hesitance and at times when he looks at the practical side of things he can seem heartless. He is willing to sacrifice most things others are hesitant to do and this can be seen as inhumane and cruel who does not appreciate life when in fact Reaper knows the risk's of life and is willing to throw away his humanity for the better of good.


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Reaper of Sardothien [WIP]
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