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 Advertising Reminder and a few updates [11.16.2016]

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Posts : 210
Join date : 2016-10-06
Age : 18
Location : Everywhere and nowhere

Character Information
Character Size: 99cm
Other Characters: Alayus & Rishi
Animal Species: Dire Wolf

PostSubject: Advertising Reminder and a few updates [11.16.2016]   Wed Nov 16, 2016 6:12 pm

Just a simple reminder so everyone is aware and motivated as sometimes time can bypass us. As of right now we are holding our first advertising contest and should we gain five new members everyone will be rewarded with 1,000 bones regardless if you participated. So far we have two new members! We only need 3 more people and everyone will be able to get 1,000 bones. I cannot stress enough how important it is that new people join the site if we are to stay alive and flourish. So I encourage that we continue to advertise and recruit members. The advertising contest ends November 27th, 2016!

Next, I want to talk about my decrease in activity or feeling of being less active as the place has been pretty quiet as of late. I want everyone to be aware that I suffer from chronic migraines and they can get pretty bad to the point of where I can't physically move my body because I'm in pain. Lately, they have been acting up these past 2-3 weeks and so I have been home until these past 2-3 days. I am overflowed with homework and I very much value my education over the internet and so I have been busy doing that along with balancing out my headaches and so I want to apologize about this. I don't want this place to die out and so I'm asking you guys to try your hardest to advertise, roleplay, and generally be active. Hopefully, you guys understand.

Next, I want to discuss staff positions. We are currently looking for members who are active in the respective pack they want to moderate for. If you are interested in the position post below with the code filled out.

[b]Do you have experience with Forumotion?:[/b] (Yes or no?)
[b]About you:[/b] (Tell me about yourself, hobbies, likes/dislikes, etc. 6 sentences: a paragraph.)
[b]Why do you want this spot?:[/b](Why to you want this position? Explain in 6 sentences: a paragraph.)
[b]What pack do you want to moderate?:[/b](Sardothien or Pixduas?)
[b]What account would be your main account?:[/b]

This should be all for now!


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Warrior Lucrais
Warrior Lucrais

Posts : 26
Join date : 2016-10-24

Character Information
Character Size: 160 cm
Other Characters: Val, Iskra
Animal Species: Snow Leopard

PostSubject: Re: Advertising Reminder and a few updates [11.16.2016]   Wed Nov 16, 2016 7:30 pm

Sorry I'm not posting much. Finals are coming up and my teachers are throwing homework at me, and I have a project I'm working on for a program I'm in. Along with that, I've been devoting lots of time to practicing my instruments as I have important auditions approaching. I've been logging in and checking on the site, but I can't muster the muse to write for now. I should be less busy next week, though. I have Thanksgiving break coming up. c:


Username: Warrior Lucrais
Do you have experience with Forumotion?: Yes - I've modded and administrated on multiple other forumotion sites.
About you: My actual name is Kaitlin, though I prefer Kat. I have a huge love for writing, but honestly, I actually prefer writing essays - though I enjoy creative writing, it isn't my best area. Despite that, I love role-playing, and I've been doing it for years - since I was 10, I believe. I'm also a choir and band geek; I love music, and making music. I play the oboe and alto saxophone in band, and I'm a part of the color guard for marching band. Along with that, I'm immensely interested in ecology and history; currently, I'm considering pursuing ecology, biology, or archaeology as a major. As for things I dislike, there's a lot. Nonetheless, it's easy to say I'm absolutely terrified of bugs... which may be a problem if I want to become an ecologist or biologist. Some of my hobbies include roleplaying (obviously), hiking, fishing, and cross country skiing. I love the outdoors - but only if the weather is right. I can't stand the heat.
Why do you want this spot?: As I said, I've moderated and administrated other websites. I can easily say that I've enjoyed helping out around the forums. I'm the kind of person who likes helping out - I never like sitting idle while others work. If someone gives me something to do, I'll try my best to do what they ask. I'm not the best at coding, but if things need to be updated, posted, or etc, I can definitely help with that - the basic tasks of a moderator. Along with that, I want to make sure the rules are enforced. It bugs me to see rules broken. Lastly, as I said, I like helping out; I want to help out newer users if they need any. All and all, I just want to help out - I want to see this site at its best. c:
What pack do you want to moderate?: Sardothien - most of my characters are in this pack, and I plan on making more in it once I have more. But I can moderate either packs, it doesn't matter which. C:
What account would be your main account?: Warrior Lucrais


Last edited by Warrior Lucrais on Sat Nov 19, 2016 7:11 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Posts : 85
Join date : 2016-10-31
Age : 22
Location : Within the shadows.. </3

Character Information
Character Size: 95 cms; 25 kgs (55lbs)
Other Characters:
Animal Species: Black Panther

PostSubject: Re: Advertising Reminder and a few updates [11.16.2016]   Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:47 pm

Aww; you poor thing, Nero! Hope you get better! I know the pains of mirgraines. They are incredibly unplesant. I can't imagine them being chronic, though! That'd be horrible! Hope you start to get a bit better shortly! I'll be sure to flick off some more advertisements later. Wink
This place has been quiet for the past two days

Username: @Jaeger Emysia // @Warrior Sicarius (I'd say Emy is my main, however)

Do you have experience with Forumotion?: Yes, I do. I have staffed on many forumotion forums before. It's where my fascination for roleplay, forums and staffing came from.

About you: My name is Alana - people are welcome to call me by my first name, if they so wish. But, character name works too! I've been roleplaying since I was around 12 years old, so that's about 8 years (making me 20 years old!). I have been in many roleplays! Including, warrior cats, wolves, big cats, humans and fantasy creatures and GoT AU's. I predominantly roleplay warrior cats, wolves and big cats. There's something about the fuzzy furballs that I just adore, to be honest! I have just graduated college. My college major was marketing and management; so I know all the tricks of the trade Wink
When I'm not roleplaying....I'm roleplaying. So, in my spare time when I'm not online roleplaying big cats or warriors, I'm roleplaying humans or fantasy like creatures in tabletop rpgs; dungeons and dragons, pathfinder, trail of Cthulhu. These are basically games which can be done online, but are generally done in a face-to-face environment. You make a character and have a DM (who explains and controls what happens) and you... Roleplay that character. It's a lot like any forum roleplay. It's got that heavy character development aspect, but also that fun out of character and in character social/silly chatter.

Why do you want this spot?: I do love moderating, staffing and assisting where I can. I enjoy it. Who doesn't love being a staff member? I understand the stresses and the pressures, and I know there's a large amount of responsibility entailed. However, that's not the only reason why I want to become a staff member here (loving staffing doesn't seem to justify it to myself). I enjoy helping others. I will generally welcome new members and provide detailed guides or step-by-step processes on how to do things. I like to make sure people understand and are helped if they need it. I like to make sure people feel welcomed as well. There's nothing worse that joining a site and feeling confused or unwanted. I also thoroughly enjoy roleplaying with everyone here. It's been really nice coming here when knowing both Nero and Chass from another place. You guys are the reasons I joined admittedly heh. But, I have met some truly amazing people like Raina, Lu, Fenic and others. A forum is nothing without it's people<3 And this forum is amazing - there's a lot of great content and ideas. I'd be honored to try and help as best as I could!
What pack do you want to moderate?: Probably Pixduas as that's where my Em is. However, I'd be happy to moderate Sardothien; if that's what works best. Whatever the staff think is best. My Sicy boy is really growing on me. :') I'll also be having a second Sardy character shortly when NeroxFen babies arrive!

What account would be your main account?: Emy!


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Omega Fenic
Omega Fenic

Posts : 51
Join date : 2016-10-26

Character Information
Character Size: 70 cm
Other Characters: Wyeth
Animal Species: Tundra Wolf

PostSubject: Re: Advertising Reminder and a few updates [11.16.2016]   Fri Nov 18, 2016 11:52 pm

Username: Omega Fenic
Do you have experience with Forumotion?: I've been on forumotion sites before, but never staffed them; I'll say Yes.
About you: Hey, my name's Jamie! I'm a non-binary pal [they/them] who really loves anything to do with writing! Honestly- debate, speeches, roleplaying, reading- you heard it! I've had around three or four years of roleplaying experience, most of them in warrior cats or wolf pack environments, mostly based off of either webs or forumotion. I consider myself to have a good sense of humor, but according to my friends, it's all dad jokes and really bad puns- so hey, I warned you! I'm a really charismatic person who loves to interact with others and work in team environments, especially when organizing different kinds of events! If I had to choose one element of RP I'm good at, it'd have to be plotting- really, I just love creating angsty and detailed plots all for myself. <3
Why do you want this spot?: Seeking Redemption is an amazing startup of a site, and I'd really like to be a helping hand in trying to gain more members and help this place grow. I've really come to feel at home at this site throughout the years, and it's been a place that makes me smile every time I log on, seeing all the creative roleplaying everyone can succeed in. As a moderator, I'd have the ability to help this site grow and progress within the roleplaying universe, as well as being able to learn more about how forumotion works, and really get into the details of moderating within the sitebuilder itself! It's really amazing to be on here as a member, and I'd like to put in my hardest efforts into helping as a moderator as well. I don't mind having to bust a gut to help out, and I love to work with others! All in all, this is a beautiful, lovely website- and as a moderator, I'd be able to build a world where everyone can feel just as comfortable as I do when I visit Seeking Redemption.
What pack do you want to moderate?:Either one, I'm fine with!
What account would be your main account?: Prim for Sardothien; Fenic for Pixduas


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PostSubject: Re: Advertising Reminder and a few updates [11.16.2016]   

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Advertising Reminder and a few updates [11.16.2016]
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