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 Kindle the Flame

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PostSubject: Kindle the Flame   Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:05 am


Kindle the Flame-Heart


Sexual Orientation:


Sardothien or Pixduas?:

Bengal Tiger





Eye Color:
Amber Brown

Special markings/scars:
Claw marks across her back and legs.

General appearance:
Kindle stands at about three feet tall and six feet in length, her tail reaches down to the ground in a swooping motion, tail length being about three feet long. She weighs around 250 pounds, making her one of the smaller framed Bengal tigers. She has a slender frame, her shoulders tucked in nicely and her body looking slim. Scars rake across her shoulders and side are clear to see to the eye, she's raggedy in appearance but can be quite beautiful too. Her fur is thick against her skin and stretches across her body in pretty shades of brown, cream, ebony, and white. She has sharp amber brown eyes that are quite dull to her, though in reality they are full of life and hardships. She has wide paws that stomp upon the earth with confidence. Her face is filled with tiny scars here and there. At the center of her face lays a pink nose that stretches out into ebony and then into her soft fur.

General personalty:
Personality wise, Kindle is very stubborn and protective. She is often very quiet and will only speak or put her input if she is asked directly. She's normally quite intelligent with both words and actions. Almost a natural born leader, she has the skills of one anyways. She's great at planning things and she always thinks of her movements. Though she has the skills to be a leader, she prefers to think of herself as a well planned warrior. She's kind-hearted and she normally wouldn't hurt a soul unless it was for her pack. She's very open-minded and likes to keep things real rather than think of the unrealistic day-dreams. She understands very well what life is like and how horrid creatures can be. She's full of wisdom beyond her years and she can have quite a bit of a quirky side to her as well.


  • Spring

  • Fall

  • Water


  • Snakes

  • Liars

  • Loud creatures

Kindle was born to two wonderful parents, though she doesn't remember what happened to them, she does remember being found at the border of a pack to where she was accepted and quickly taken to where she could be cared for. The story she was told was there had been a great war between Rogues and a pack in the south, the pack had won but had wiped out many loners just passing through. Supposedly her parents were one of those loners passing by and in an attempt to save their beloved daughter, they managed to leave her at the border of the northern pack. Kindle never truly believed the story, she figured her parents had just abandoned her for not wanting her, and she got the vibe often from other pack-mates.

Months passed and she reached the age where the cubs within the pack would choose what they wanted to learn and pursue it. When asked, Kindle had stated she wanted to hunt and fight and learn a few things about herbs. It was then agreed upon within the pack that each cub or wolf pup would learn a bit about each skill and then choose one they wanted to learn best. Kindle succeeded excellently within each skill-set and she, herself decided to continue her training in each. Though she had to request to keep her training on the hush side as this pack was very strict about pursuing a rank. She continued with her stubborn mind set on being a Warrior, but with high skills such as being able to hunt and perhaps help others after a fight.

While training in sparring, you were given a partner that would have to have your back at all times. Normally the two partners would be one female, one male, but for Kindle's case, there just weren't that many males her age in the pack. She was placed with another feline named Delilah. They became really close friends, and when in fights they always had each other covered. When they reached a year old, in order to achieve their rank as warrior, the pack would set up spars. One on one. Kindle was placed against Delilah, the rules coming from this pack were to "fight until death". Each team was set to fight their partner on different days, so Kindle and Delilah had time to plan together. Instead of fighting, they decided to escape the pack and make a run for it.

Away they went deep within the safety of the night, they ran together but alas a patrol had caught scent and soon they were captured and dragged back. As punishment they dragged the two felines into the center of the pack, rounded together their highest ranks and tortured the felines. Scars upon their backs and faces only to be dragged away to the Alpha's den where he had his way with the partners, Kindle and Delilah. In their eyes, the alpha and pack had become monsters. They were ranked as Omegas and became the Alpha's "play-things" to put it nicely. Months after they turned two years old, it became known to Kindle that Delilah often took punishment to save Kindle from it all. Delilah was to have a litter that spring. This enraged Kindle, as she knew what it meant, she was falling for Delilah but she couldn't stand by and let the Alpha hurt her friend any further.

That spring Delilah's cubs were killed in front of her eyes and she fell into a deep depression that Kindle could do nothing about. Kindle approached the Alpha and challenged him, Delilah's freedom if she won the fight. Kindle came close to winning when the two Beta's lashed out at her. She spent months in the healers den trying to let her body heal. Delilah approached her just after they had turned three, good news, she had been able to get Kindle her freedom. It wasn't want she wanted, but Delilah insisted she go. Before she fled into the night, Kindle finally told Delilah how she felt, leaving the other feline stunned as she fled into the night without having to worry about the pack hunting her down.

Her fourth year of life she spent roaming as far away from the lands she knew as home. She couldn't even stand the thought of having leaving her love behind, and she knew there was no way the alpha would give up the stunning and beautiful Delilah. So she carried herself in misery knowing she basically left her best friend for dead.


Application keys?:
Am Current Member. Am Lazy. Error - Error.

How did you find us?: Nerrrooooo, plus am Titan.

Other characters:

Roleplay post:
Am laaaaazzzyyyyy.
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PostSubject: Re: Kindle the Flame   Sun Nov 20, 2016 2:04 pm

Go ahead and post at Pixduas borders, now that your bio been accepted!


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Kindle the Flame
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