Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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 Delilah the Brute

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PostSubject: Delilah the Brute   Tue Nov 29, 2016 7:42 pm

Name: Delilah

Age: 4

Family Relationships: Father - Unknown, Mother - Deceased, Cubs - Deceased

Description: Delilah is a small Bengal tiger standing at about 120cm with sharp green eyes. Her body is covered in many scars from head to tail. Her fur is luxurious and soft, covering the scars that have majorly impacted her. Her tail swoops down and touches the earth, her claws sharp and her whiskers long. She has pink nose that suits her face pretty well and she has muscles covering her entire body. She's stocky in the build and she weighs around 245 pounds. Her shoulders are broad and her body stretches out to be about 5 feet in length. Her main scars are across her legs where it seems she was bitten quite a few times. Her main attractive feature is the sharp jade green eyes she inherited from her father. (If adopter wants to add more details that's fine)

Personality: Optional

History: Delilah was born into the pack she met Kindle in, her mother died giving birth to her and so she was taken care of by the nannies of the pack. Her father was banished from the lands she was born in, but she inherited his jade green eyes and was shunned by most of her pack for the spitting image she was. Though she was told her small size came from her mother rather than her father. By the time she was old enough for training, she had already decided she would be a Warrior since she was a fighter at heart and was very stubbornly decided to show that even though she was the daughter of banished Beta, and was small in her size, she could prove to be better than the rest.

The Alpha decided to pair to females together as there weren't enough males for a partnered "female". Delilah was paired with the other outcast, Kindle. She inspired Delilah many times as Kindle was a fast learner and could hunt and deal with herbs when needed. She didn't dare risk learning all the skills, but in her mind they made for great partners. As training ended, they were grouped together and told each day of the summer partners would fight to the death. Kindle panicked, and Delilah set up for a plan to escape their wretched pack together. Sadly their escape attempt ended with them becoming the sex slaves of all high rankings. Kindle was mainly thrown aside and torn apart, but Delilah was treated with more respect as they each wanted her to have their children. It was disturbing and one night she discovered her friend had fought for her freedom but lost, it was the same night that Delilah discovered she was pregnant with the Alpha's kin.

She went to the Alpha and threatened to kill all cubs that were born unless her friend was set free. Not truly expecting Kindle to take the option of running, she reported the news to Kindle. She found out the other feline loved her and with that she departed. Enraged that her friend left her, she had two wonderful cubs in which she gave to the nannies as her parting gift. Before Delilah left herself, the Alpha killed her cubs in front of her. She was heartbroken and torn apart but she now had a fighting reason to leave the wretched place, and so she did.

Extra: Delilah is Extra small and that must be purchased with the adoption, if I can save up enough I'll pay for it myself.

She's also Kindle's love, whether Delilah shares that love or not is completely up to the adopter, however I would like a tragic plot where Delilah finds Kindle and they argue about how "Kindle abandoned her" even though Delilah "sacrificed" herself for Kindle's sake.

[b]Personality:[/b] (If it was optional)
[b]Sample Post:[/b] (Sample of how you'll rp the character you want. The longer the better)
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Delilah the Brute
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