Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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PostSubject: Zyrial   Zyrial EmptyWed Nov 30, 2016 11:32 pm


Zyrial Jsm5Ss6

Zyrial The Devastator


Sexual Orientation:

5 Years Old

Sardothien or Pixduas?:

White Siberian Tiger

Whatever rank the Alpha sees fit.




Eye Color:

Special markings/scars:
Scar across his right eye

General appearance:
Aside from being a very large feline, one of his most stunning features are his emerald eyes. They shine bright against the plain white and black stripes that cover his whole pelt. His paws are massive, laced with danger and destruction. His claws are retractable, allowing him to display and retract at anytime he wishes. His fangs are elongated and large, able to easily bite through flesh and bone alike. They are blood-stained after years of killing and fighting, forcing them to have a yellow-ish tint to them. His muscles are easily visible beneath his thick coat which helps him make it through the harsh winters. His ears are perfectly rounded and sit atop his head with a black outline of fur around each edge. There are some rips and tears in his ears, but nothing too noticeable. Another notable feature is the large scar that covers his right eye. It is long and deep, giving it the permanent pigment of a bright red-ish pink color. Although he has this scar, it does not hinder his vision or use of the eye. It is merely a flesh wound. His old clan referred to it as the mark of the traitor.

General personalty:
Zyrial is not one to tangle with, unless you wish to find a quick death. He does not like to play games, and is more set on his own training. He is very respectful to those he believes has earned it. Those without honor will get no respect from him. Zyrial has a tendency to automatically assume the very worst in others. He was programmed that way from his father and other members of the clan. He is not one to make enemies with, but instead hope to become allies. Because he is a large creature, he knows what his weaknesses are and also his strengths. If you wake him up, you will meet eager claws and jaws - waiting to kill.


  • Eating

  • Killing

  • Females


  • Canines

  • Cowards

  • Babies

This tiger's journey begins in the womb. His mother was a beautiful white feline, prized by many of the tigers in the pack, coveted and fought over. Many tigers lost fur, blood, and flesh to be with her, to breed her heritage. But only one tiger caught her eye. His name was Gidaro. He was the Beta's first born son and best fighter in the litter. The tigress watched their practices, their fighting. She enjoyed every bit of it, watching the excitement of it all. But the male was shy, which was unique for his family. The Beta's young were all feisty, ready to take what was theirs, to kill before asking, and to act as they ran the pack. The female was the daughter of the Alpha, and her father wished for her to breed and become mates with Gidaro's younger brother, Mordan. Mordan was a great fighter and he was stunning. His coat was not black as night, but a more russet color like his mother before him. Gidaro had an orange and black coat. In the dark of night, he would be almost invisible to the eye.

When mating season had come, the female fought off many males by herself. Gidaro was still very shy, afraid to approach her. It was not until she came to him within the dead of night. She crawled into his chamber, allowing him to have her completely. Weeks passed and the great Alpha of the pack grew ill. Other members of the pack started to die off and so the Beta male became Alpha male. With his first decree, the tigers were forced to move from their lands, in search of something better, running form this illness that was taking lives left and right. When they finally found a suitable home, they made camp. Only now Gidaro was very close and protective of his mate. He was honored and given the rank of Beta, told he would be next rule. Eventually the female gave birth to four cubs. One cub looked exactly like her - except for the eyes. His mother named him Zyrial, after her father, in remembrance of him.

Time passed and the cubs grew fast, learning and working their way to prove themselves to their father. Each wanting to rule once Gidaro had passed. When the time did come, Zyrial took the rank of Alpha male for himself. Zyrial challenged his own father to a duel, knowing he was a weaker being. His father accepted, as all rank challenges were. The clan chastized him for attempting to face the king. But Zyrial was no fool and he knew what his father's weaknesses were. Before the whole clan, Zyrial slayed his own father, covered in his blood. He roared for the whole pack to see and they were stunned. They bowed before him, a new true king. In the crowd and rambunctiousness of it all, was a simple white tigress, staring at him. Her eyes were of silver - perfect and orb-like. In the coming days, he would get to know her better. He could not contain himself while he was near her. His mouth spoke of strange things, while his tail would never hold its place. After months of courting, he finally made her his mate. At the next mating season, the consecrated their commitment to one another. Zyrial felt true love. He loved her more than any tigress he had ever met. When their cubs were born, none of them were male. Zyrial grew angry, unable to understand that was not her fault. When the next mating season came again and passed, the cubs she birthed were two females as well.

Angered by her lack of breeding males, he grew very angry with her. He forced her to live amongst the Healers, unable to sleep in their combined chamber. When the next mating season came, Zyrial went to find his mate. When he approached the Healer's den, he heard strange noises, those he had heard between he and his mate. A sharp snarl escaped from his lips. As he entered the den, he found his mate and another reproducing. Immediately, he felt the break of his heart and the feeling of his soul starting to slip away. Not only had she never given him a son, an heir to his throne, but her she was, lying with another brute, an Omega even! Anger flushed through the brute, flooding his mind and his heart. He lashed out at them both, taking their lives and spilling their blood all over his coat. When he exited the den, tigers had gathered around it. Apparently they had heard the yowls and cries for help. But no help would help the souls who broke his heart. Members of the pack looked to him in horror, while others saw the glory and honesty in his eyes.

He climbed to the top of their calling rock, commanding the others to fall in place. Most of the males obeyed their Alpha, while some of the tigresses went to check on the female and others stood in horror, scared stiff. "Brothers, we gather to celebrate the birth of a new pack. Mine, which will no longer follow the ways of my 'good' father. From now on, males will do what they want, when they want. Fight for ranks, break bones for food, and kill for someone sleeping with your bitch." His hazel eyes moved to the tigresses, staring at them with a wicked smile. "The first order of business: kill all the young tigresses less than the age required to breed and then kill their mothers." As he spoke his words to the crowd, females dashed to save their young, while the males obeyed their master. Many lives were lost, blood was shed all over the grounds. Zyrial watched as his pack did what they wished to the tigresses. When the killing had stopped, he told his pack of their new way of living.

Death would rush over the lands, dominating more and more terrain as they went about. There would be no more mates, no more life partners. From now on, they would steal females, rape them and then wait for their young to be born. Males would survive while tigreses would be slaughtered, just like their mothers. At night the more silent of the males would slip into pack lands, steal their tigresses and bring them to their leader. Zyrial would get his way first and then she would be shared among the pack. On one very dark and stormy night, Zyrial sent his clan to retrieve a prized tigress. The males rushed for the nearest pack, finding the first female which looked to be of rank. They took her from her home, tossing her to Zyrial. As he walked from his den, he stared at the female. Her eyes, they stunned him. They were a silver hue, almost clear. It was nothing he had ever seen before. "Please," she begged, "do not kill me. I wish to see my mate and family." Torn away from her eyes, he listened to her pleas, always the same. "Enough!" he snarled as he mounted her before the others. When he was finished he moved from her and stood back near his entrance. "Take her away. You know the drill."

Months later, she birthed a litter of five cubs.  While the pups grew up, he watched them closely. The darkest male took to the training the best. He was faster, grew larger and stronger than the others. This made Zyrial very proud, but he would not know this tiger's destiny until his final challenge. Just as he had done with litters before, he forced the tigers to watch their mother be killed by three of his goons. He watched them all, four cried while one just watched. The dark male. They were getting closer to their final test and training was becoming more and more intense for the youngest of the pack. The darkest male was beating all of Zyrial's expectations, only fueling more adoration for the young cub. Test after test the male was passing and overcoming. He was the perfect young war machine this Alpha was creating. The other tigers of the clan started to notice his adoration, growing angry with his obvious favoritism. They hated the darkest male cub, but they dared not interfere or attack him.

When the final test was upon the young tigers, Zyrial stood upon his stone structure of might and rank. He looked over them as he gave them their rules and objectives. Immediately he noticed the black male, not whining or crying, but instead plotting his moves. The black male seemed to rip apart his siblings with cunning and skill, utilizing their weaknesses to his advantage. The tiger was very special. Zyrial smiled as he looked upon the lone survivor, covered from paw to head in their blood, his own blood. It was on this day that Zyrial named the young male. "On this day, this tiger will be named Azrael the Sinister!" The tigers in the pack cheered, knowing they had to or face the paw and jaws of their leader. Azrael grew even larger than he imagined, but nowhere near the size of the Alpha male.

"Azrael! Azrael!" he shouted angrily. A loud roar echoes through the trees, waking the sleeping creatures in the dead of night. The voice was full of anger and hatred. "How could he leave us! How could he betray me?" he snarled to the other tigers. "Find him! I want him to pay for his betrayal." The other tigers followed after their Alpha, searching for the traitor, while other tigers decided to follow Azrael's example. They fled the Alpha and his lands, searching for new life in the forest. Zyrial searched high and low, but Azrael was nowhere to be found. His Beta was gone. Growls and snarls escaped his onyx lips, forcing the male to charge back to his pack. When he arrived, only hatred had followed him. Tigers questioned the Alpha, asking why he cared so much for the one named Azrael. He was nothing more than a litter from a scraggly tigress. Zyrial grew tired of the arguing and the accusations towards him. He did not have to answer to anyone, and that is just what he would do.

Tigers challenged him and they found themselves dead, lying before more members of the pack. Blood splattered, covering the floor and Zyrial himself. From dark of night to bright of day, the male fought and fought. Each was a challenge in their own way, but he would not lose. He did not fail. Years of training led up to this very moment until very few of his pack remained. Some still wanted the taste of his blood upon their lips, while others just wished for things to go back to how they were. In the end, Zyrial lost everything. He lost his only son, that he knew of. He was an Alpha to a ghost clan. When the male realized there was nothing more for him here, he cleansed himself of the blood-stained fur and left his lands forever. As he walked from his favorite place, he slowly turned his head to look back. His whole life flashed before his eyes, closing them from the world, he turned back straight and headed for a new life. Starting all over again didn't sound that awful.

Gidaro - Father - Killed by Zyrial
Kishaka - Mother - Killed
Zephyr - Brother - Alive
Zeda - Sister - Alive
Zim - Brother - Alive

Application keys?:
-Chassity ate all of the keys- Beta Chassity

How did you find us?:
Advertisement on another site

Other characters:

Roleplay post:
From a humanoid site:

Being the smallest was always his problem. He was always teased. Always beaten up. Always being picked last for anything. The older kids and even kids his own age, never liked to hang out with him. They just made fun of his name and his hair. He was the only white Inu in the clan. He was the white sheep in a black herd. Ichiro crossed his arms and stared at the playground, watching the other Inus and Nekos playing. He was curious as to why the Nekos were even playing with the other Inus. But he decided to walk towards them, maybe this time he would get a fair chance?

As he walked up, one Inu walked forward. "What do you think you are doing, Chiro?" he asked with a devilish grin. Ichiro stood as tall as he could, but being smaller, it didn't help much at all. He stared into Kento's eyes. "I was hoping I could play?" he asked with a shy smile. The Nekos and Inus all laughed at Ichiro. He was an outsider, not a part of their group. One Neko stepped next to Kento with an evil smile, "why don't you tell Chiro about the evil monster that lives in the old and dying tree, deep in the woods?" Kento turned his head to Kiya and gave a slight smile, "yeah, if he could catch the monster, then maybe he could play with us?"

Ichiro puffed out his chest. "I will accept the challenge!" The others snickered and laughed. Kento stared at Ichiro, but signaled for one to approach. The largest male of the group stood on Kento's other side. "Higoma, tell Ichiro how hard the monster was to even try and get." Higoma said nothing, but pulled up the sleeves on his arms. He had deep scars all up and down the front and sides of the arms. Ichiro cupped his mouth with his hands, but soon removed them from his face. He looked around at the others, none of them were laughing. They all stared at him intently. Kiya peeped up, "if you can bring the monster, we will accept you once and for all. No questions and no more jokes."

Ichiro stared at them while he thought. It would be great to be in the social circle for once and not watching from the shadows. With a great deal of thought he agreed, "yes, I will bring the monster back!" With that being said, he quickly rushed off towards his house. He packed his things and wished his parents farewell and that he would return soon enough. Sure he was 16, but he still wanted them to know where he was going.

He finally made it to the woods. It was dark and scary, but he could see at night, so there was no issue there. He walked slowly, searching for the dying tree. He stared at every tree. "How will I know if it's dying?" he asked himself. He sniffed the air and found no traces of any creature in sight. He must have been close. A monster so dangerous, would keep other animals from its den. Finally he came to a tree with a large hole in the bottom of the trunk. He poked his head inside and there was almost a straight shot downwards. It seemed the monster liked to burrow. That was odd to Ichiro. But as soon as he had popped his head in, he felt a push against his back. He fell head first, down the long and dark path. Soon his vision failed as there was no light of the moon to reflect from.

He landed sideways on his head, and soon sat up on his ass. He looked around the room and noticed there was nothing, but more tunnels. This was strange, almost like a rabbit or other small rodent home. Surely this couldn't be the monster's house. He decided to start walking down one of the tunnels, since there was no going back up. Soon he smelled something odd. His nose started going crazy. It was an odd scent, smelled like rodent. There must be traces of rodents here from when the monster gets hungry. But he continued to walk. Ichiro's tail stuck to one of his legs and wrapped around it. He was frightened. But he continued, he had to become part of the pack. He needed to be accepted.

As the tunnels got darker and darker, he heard footsteps behind him. He couldn't see worth shit. He stood still and felt a strong kick to the back. He fell to the ground and started breathing quickly. Now his heart was pounding in his chest. His ears perked forward, listening for movement, but it was too late. The monster attacked him again, this time with a bite to the neck. Ichiro sniffed as he felt a liquid on his neck. Blood. Now he was shaking scared. He got onto his feet and started running mindlessly. There was no way to protect himself from an unseen monster. Finally he ran into a wall and landed on the ground. The beast was right behind him. It bit and scratched until Ichiro couldn't put up a fight any longer. He passed out. For how long? He didn't know.

Finally he awoke. His eyes lazily opened and he looked around the room. He went to go rub his right eye, but his other hand followed. He examined the things around his wrists. Handcuffs? He was utterly confused now. He looked down at his feet. They were bound as well. He started freaking out and then he heard a voice.
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Zyrial Tiger_12

Interesting history! You can create a border thread and wait for a member of high ranking to accept you.


Zyrial Nero11

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