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 Where It All Began

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PostSubject: Where It All Began   Sun Oct 23, 2016 3:14 am

Nobody knows's how Sardothien came to be. All we know is that Sardothien was the roots of how Pixduas came to be, such a cruel pack flourishing into a well-respected clan. Sardothien was ruled by the first known dire wolves who thought that only the strongest should survive and they weak perish. A tigress known as Pixduas had different thoughts and after the death of her cubs and mate she had nothing left, nothing left fighting for. Most would give up, but Pixduas was a strong and noble feline, one who didn't give up easily. Sardothien was a pack not to be trifled with, one of the largest and most dangerous. Though like other packs Sardothien had no place for the weak or soft and this resulted in many members following Pixduas when she left to start her own pack. She named her pack after herself and took the role as Alphess efficiently and quickly. Unlike Sardothien, Pixduas ruled with words before action and believed that all should be accepted no matter her faults, even the canines, and felines of Sardothien. Pixduas nurtured and cared for the weak while Sardothien exterminated the weak, the yin to a yang which was fitting.

Over the years Pixduas became influential in Ithera and Sardothien became increasingly weary of them, keeping a close eye on them. Pixduas, the alphess, became a well-known and respected leader. One who fought her battles with words instead of tooth and fang, one who cared and saw the good in all, a mother hen to her pack, someone to look up to. Her pack cherished her and loved her, something not common in packs. She treated everyone fairly and punished those who deserved it. One day Pixduas found a wolf pup left on the border of Sardothien next to a dead female wolf's body, frozen by the winter's frigid temperatures. She took the pup in and raised him as her own, he later became known as Aquilo which translates as the North Wind. He was an impulsive wolf who meant good and yet seemed to get in tons of trouble. He had the temper of Sardothien and heart of Pixduas, a wonderful complication. His foster mother was the only thing he knew besides the pack he grew up in. On his third year, Pixduas' great alphess perished to the Sardothien alpha in a territory skirmish. Enraged Aquilo waged war on Sardothien, and Pixduas gladly followed, willing to honor and avenge their fallen alphess.

The war lasted for years and Aquilo later settled down and had a family of his own. He later learned from a scout that Sardothien's alpha, Demetrius, was expecting a litter and was planning on going on a hunt by himself to provide for his family. Aquilo took this opportunity to strike at Sardothien. He first trespassed into Sardothien territory and located the meadow Demetrius was supposed to hunt in. Aquilo's plan was to make Demetrius' death look like a hunting accident so nobody could pin the blame on Pixduas. Pixduas wasn't known for fighting, unless with words, but war is war, and it changes even the best of us. Aquilo went to the opposite position from where Demetrius was at and chased the herd towards the Sardothien alpha. The alpha ran for his life, trying to avoid the ungulates from trampling him to death. Demetrius wasn't so lucky, weary and worn down the alpha was closed in on either side of the herd, like a horseshoe. He was shortly trampled after and once the herd cleared Aquilo walked up to him and ended his life. A merciful kill, a quick and easy death. He left just as quickly from the territory to his own. His scouts reported that the Sardothien alpha was announced dead and that the alphess went into labor shortly after Demetrius left to go hunting. Twin boys were born and later became known as the terrible two, brothers as close to each other as a burr is to fur. They got their revenge on Pixduas after their father's death, it was a tradition that should an alpha or alphess die by other causes of death besides old age and illness was to be revenge at whatever cost.

Generations later to the current present with the current pack's ruler, Nero was born and has lead a successful reign of terror, him being a purebred dire wolf and standing 99cm tall, he is a devil. He goes by many names, but his most famous and cliche name is, Devils Spawn. Even his mother calls him that as its only fitting. The male has no heart and isn't capable of love or emotion other than wickedness and horror. After all, all he brings is eternal sleep and screams of pain.

Raina has just recently taken over from her father's beta and doesn't have as much experience as Nero does, with her young age she is still testing out her role as alphess. She is determined to finally end this war that repeats itself over and over again, the question is can she protect her pack from the devil himself?


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Where It All Began
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