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 Raina's Biography

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Rad Radish

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PostSubject: Raina's Biography    Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:27 pm


Rain, Raina the Alphress


3 years

Sardothien or Pixduas?:

Grey Wolf





Eye Color:
Dark blue

Special markings/scars:
Has brown specks/dots on her muzzle, otherwise that's it.

General appearance:
Raina, with her long, slender legs, and thin, agile body, resembles a dancer or ballerina the way she navigates dense forest to chase after quick, small prey. Keeping herself agile comes with a price, however, as she is not very muscular or strong, so taking down large prey is a big difficulty. Her fur is a mixture of white and light grey, with patches of brown. The bottom half of her body is white, her back and forehead is light grey, and she has splotches of brown around her pelt, including brown specks/dots on her muzzle. Her tail is tipped black.

General personalty:
Raina is a kind, headstrong wolf who’s determined to find her way in life. She has a very sarcastic sense of humor, and enjoys joking around with her friends even if it might make her look weaker. She’s much more sociable than when she was a pup, but still enjoys the time when she’s alone. She likes to believe there’s some force out there that determines everyone’s dreams and destiny, but she has to admit there is no evidence for it. She doesn’t have a small ego, and is not embarrassed when she has to admit she’s wrong, which she knows is a lot. With her long, lanky legs, she can be very clumsy and hurt herself accidentally. As she just turned into a alphess, she often makes mistakes with what she says, or what she commands wolves to do. When she’s really stressed or mad, she starts stuttering. She one day wants to have pups.


  • Pups

  • Spending time alone

  • Joking around, and making a fool out of herself around friends.


  • Hates it when characters start stuttering, even herself.

  • When someone calls her weak because she was shy as a pup.

  • Evil, darkness, those kind of things.

Raina was born in Pixduas’s lands, promised a high-ranking position due to her being the heir of the current alpha. Why not alphess, you asked? Well, Raina also had a sister named Mable, meaning she would have to better her sister in order to win over her parents to become alphess. Raina never desired to be any better than her sister, in fact, she wasn’t interested in being alphess at all. As a pup, she was very shy and not confident at all. She knew at an early age that wasn’t desirable traits for a leader.  

Mable, her sister, was a different story. Blessed with good looks, Mable had always seeked attention and honor, having most of Pixduas support in her becoming alphess. She was also very rebellious and free-spirited, not afraid to defy her parents. The clear choice was Mable, and Raina was ok with that… till everything began going wrong.

One day, the body of the alpha was found dead, and torn to pieces just outside pack borders. Only a couple months later, the alphess was also found dead in her den, along with Mable. Pixduas could only blame Sardothien, but with no evidence of them ever being around when they were killed, there was nothing they could do. The pack was deep in despair, and they had no leader to take control of the situation. But then, for the first time, they remembered little, shy Raina was still alive. The pack was even in deeper despair. There was no way Raina would be able to lead a pack, she would cower in fear over every little thing. As Raina was still too young to be alphess, the beta temporarily took over. Raina, not wanting to see the disappointed faces of the pack no longer, was determined to change her personality for the better. When Raina turned 3 years old, old enough to be alphess, Raina was a totally different wolf. Even though she did not think destiny intended for to become alphess, there was no way she would let her pack fall.

Mable, sister: Dead -  Heino, dad: Dead -  Yang, mom: Dead


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Raina's Biography
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