Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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 Visions of Pandemonium - A Dystopian Canine RP [PB]

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PostSubject: Visions of Pandemonium - A Dystopian Canine RP [PB]   Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:02 am

Visions of Pandemonium[/size]

× Home × Rules × Plot ×

Log 1 . Day 748 . 20:00

One thousand years ago, the humans destroyed themselves. They ravaged one another's homes and fell to anarchy soon after their new, “impenetrable” city came to being. Kentrikos, we called it, the center of the world we knew. The massive structure that pierced the heavens and dug down deep enough to reach hell.

When word spread of the humans’ downfall, we rose to take their place at the top of the world. We had changed, be it due to gradual evolution or the experiments some of us endured. We were stronger, faster, smarter. We were the one species humans had trusted enough to bring so close to themselves.

And with our reign came corruption. Beings in hiding, wolves but not, soon rose along with us from the city’s rubble. Creatures alike to us in appearance, but entirely different. They had this unquenchable hunger; a constant, nagging, desperate desire to eat one thing - us. These canines, with teeth like sabers and bodies like the undead, destroyed us, just like the humans had themselves. They consumed our comrades, ripped through their flesh, tore the meat from their bones until there was nothing left.

We few that survived remained in hiding within the city, awaiting the day that we could gain some advantage over the monsters that had ruined us. And in this time of struggle we discovered something. A light within the darkness that had come to consume our world. A cure. We called it the Q-gene - the single difference between us and the 'ghouls’, as we had come to call them. It was what had poisoned them, what had turned them into the monsters they were. If we removed it, we could save them, rid them of their urges and bring them back from insanity.

With our heightened intelligence, the one gift we could thank the humans for, we managed to find a way to destroy this gene, to pull it out of the ghouls and get rid of the poisonous species once and for all.

And so the IQRO was created, the International Q-gene Removal Organization, made to stop the beings that plagued us so we could finally live in peace. With it, scientists and engineers and researchers were hired, dubbed the Faculty, and a Security faction was made to protect them, filled with wolves enhanced with machinery to better their performance. We captured the ghouls, locked them up and experimented on them to further our research of the Q-gene. And we have nearly found it, a permanent cure. We just need a few more years…

Doctor Lowe


Visions of Pandemonium is a literate canine-based roleplay with an original world and species, newly made and currently accepting all the members we can get! High ranks are open, and a new plot is brewing in which important roles are required.
Check it out!

♢ LGBTQA+ friendly
♢ Minimum word count of 100+
♢ Semi-lit to literate roleplayers welcome
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PostSubject: Re: Visions of Pandemonium - A Dystopian Canine RP [PB]   Thu Oct 27, 2016 8:32 am



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Visions of Pandemonium - A Dystopian Canine RP [PB]
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