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 [Wyeth of Pixduas]

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Warrior Wyeth

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PostSubject: [Wyeth of Pixduas]   Sat Oct 29, 2016 5:39 pm


Wy; Wyeth the Determined; Wyeth the Strange


3.5 years

Sardothien or Pixduas?:

Mexican Wolf





Eye Color:

Special markings/scars:

General appearance:
Wyeth is from a line of Mexican Wolves, which are generally a smaller subspecies of wolf, but he's quite strong for the expectations of others, being a well-muscled wolf. His strength isn't exactly marvelous, but it's at a good level, and he's been known to help out among camp by carrying heavy pieces of debris on his back, to clear out areas which have been affected by earthquakes or landslides. His eyes are a deep brown hue, which almost resemble the trunks of oak trees with their deep, rich coloring. Despite his build, he hasn't had to fight much, and his body is free from any permanent scarring, though there are a few cuts here and there from thorns and brambles he's gotten stuck in his pelt.

His fur-length is at an average, though he has a hard time grooming it, and it's often tangled or bristling to some extent when he's outside, attracting sticks and burrs to his pelt when he's out patrolling the territory. His paw-pads are rough and durable, making him able to withstand a lot of injury on his feet, though the skin on his back and neck is much more light and vulnerable. Wyeth's tail is scrappy and barely the nicest thing to look at, but he doesn't exactly care much about his appearance rather than being able to do as much as he needs to before he can't do these things anymore.
General personalty:
When you first meet this wolf, one of the first things you'll notice about him is that he's very loud, and often, his voice is enough to annoy just about everyone in camp. He has a rumbling, deep, laugh- and surely, he loves to laugh. Sometimes, it'll sound like it's evil or malicious, but his intentions are almost always positive- and he does things for the good of Pixduas, even if they're considered to be 'bad'. He can be viewed as a bit eccentric due to his strangely positive attitude and the fact that he'll make odd comments at the wrong time, but he's always attempting to look out for the good of his pack, and nothing else is viewed as more important to him. He's a very passionate wolf, who always thinks of doing something to help out when he sees others in trouble- though Wyeth can irritate others by taking over their projects himself, uncontrollably putting himself in charge in too many situations he jumps into. He seems to care more about the whole well-being of his pack rather than the feelings of each individual, and can be innocent in a way, where he'll assume the best of all cats in Pixduas, no matter their history.

Another trait to really note about him is that he'll often make everything more dramatic than it needs to be, from swearing revenge on every piece of escaped prey to mourning a log dropped into a deep puddle of mud. He's the type of personality that doesn't really get 'mad' at anyone he knows well, but more 'disappointed'- he's sort of a team manager to the group, and attempts to get them in order so they'll work together to benefit the tribe. He's not exactly the best joker himself, but he loves to laugh at the puns and strange stories of others, making it so they feel positively about themselves. He gets worked up about the failures of his pack as a whole and treats them like it's all his fault, and his tendency to take charge also makes it so he feels at fault for every single mistake his colleagues make.


  • Positive Reinforcement

  • Jokes / Funny Stories

  • Team Management


  • Disorder / Chaos

  • Teasing / Negativity

  • [Himself] Making Mistakes

Wyeth's current history isn't one that is too complicated, and he's a cat who doesn't have much need for explaining. He was born in Pixduas to a happy couple, Nikki and Tyron, along with his sister and littermate Lucy. They were a happy family, and his mother always taught him about the effect of being positive, and how negativity didn't ever get you anywhere in life- she said it was how Sardothien became so 'evil' in the first place. He was a momma's boy, and his sister was the opposite, but they all got along perfectly. When they became pupils, however, his mother was wounded by a hawk's attack, and it became infected, rendering one of her back legs useless and forcing her to retire from her own duties as a Jaeger, spending all her time in camp being miserable. Around a year later, when he was finally promoted to a full warrior with his sister, Lucy, becoming a Shaman, Lucy went on a search for herbs and never came back, and without those herbs his mother's infection relapsed- and this time, it killed.

Tyron is still alive, however, and Wyeth is learning how to make ends meet a year and a half after this tragedy, and hopes that by serving his pack well, he'll be able to make up for the lives his family lost on that day.

Nikki - Mother - Dead
Tyron - Father - Alive
Lucy - Sister - Alive / Missing

Application keys?:
-Thalia rolls over the keys and buries them underground.~ Thalia

How did you find us?:

Other characters:
Fenic the Omega; of Sardothien

Roleplay post:
The silent chills of winter had been starting to set in, and the loneliness almost echoed off the walls of Sardothien camp- and even the Nannies' den was somber and silent. There weren't many young ones around this time of year, and they were growing up already- off to their respective dens, growing colder and colder as they aged- hearts as frozen as the frosty breezes. This was not a pack that fooled around, they got things done when they needed to be taken care of. Under a reign of terror, there wasn't much hope for those who couldn't handle it, the wolves that weren't able to live with all this fighting. If you didn't have anything important to say, you kept your mouth shut, and your gaze to the ground- Fenic knew this better than almost anyone else. She'd been terribly punished for something she had never done in the first place, absolutely suffering for the mistakes of her parents. They'd been a match made in heaven, but they also were greedy, greedy for everything they could take for themselves. They never cared about feeding Sardothien, only their partner- and that's what got them dead- dead on the borders, together still in their last few moments of life.

Fenic had never hated one thing they'd done until that day, when she saw their faces as they left. They were not caring about her anymore, only each other- love killed them, and it had killed their relationship. She didn't have a family now, only herself, and the quiet. It was something that calmed her, being alone and letting the wind blow through her fur, the frost that blew through the air landing on the tip of her nose. She didn't care for the cold, but the ability to be by herself was more than sufficient, and the Omega wouldn't complain. In fact, she rarely complained about anything out loud. The she-wolf was too worried for her own safety to express much opinion when she was around others, and so she'd keep it in her mind, or talk to herself when she was convinced nobody was there to hear her. Sitting down behind a few of the dens, she shielded her body from the wind, subduing the cold's anger, the winter's wrath- for now. Her snow-colored pelt stood out among the gray rock she was leaning against, her eyes which had been shut for the wind now opening to reveal a soft yellow hue. "...This place is kinda nice, isn't it?" She whispered to herself, sighing.

Fenic didn't realize she wasn't alone at that moment- that somebody else was there, too.

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Rad Radish

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PostSubject: Re: [Wyeth of Pixduas]   Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:49 pm

You have mentioned your character was a cat again in the history, and you only need to do the roleplay post once, which you have on your other account so it is not necessary here. But, I will still accept this biography. Make sure to edit these things eventually, however!


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[Wyeth of Pixduas]
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