Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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Character Information
Character Size: 99 cm
Other Characters: Beta Chassity
Animal Species: Asiatic Cheetah

PostSubject: Thalia    Sat Oct 29, 2016 5:48 pm


Thal, Lia, Thalia the Cheetah


5 years old

Sardothien or Pixduas?:

Asiatic Cheetah





Eye Color:Leaf green

Special markings/scars:

General appearance:
Thalia is a bit large for her size standing 99cm tall. Her light golden fur is relatively short, but she has longer, thicker fur on her back. The cheetah's tail is bushy to the tip unlike most cheetahs. Her green eyes stand out the most out of all of her characteristics. One way to distinguish her from other cheetahs is to look at her face. She has no spots from her eyes down to her nose. Her stomach, chest, face, and ears have a much lighter coloring. Though Thalia is a bit slimmer than her other cheetah breeds, her muscles can easily be seen when she moves.

General personalty:
Perceptive, determined, loyal, quirky, and wise are the words that best describe Thalia. She is very intelligent and is able think clearly about everything she does. The feline can see through others as if they were glass and is able to tell the difference between anyone she meets. This makes her very fit to advise someone in the need of help. She has sharp eyes and ears, so not many things can pass her without her knowing. Thalia rarely gives up on anything she set her mind to. She will go as far as risking her life for someone she cares about. When she is comfortable with a certain group of cats, she tends to be funny and charming.


  • Being around friends

  • Seeing order

  • Winning competitions


  • Incompetence

  • Cruel, rude, impolite behavior

  • Romantic situations happening in her face

Six years ago, Thalia was born along with Jitzu and Malu. Their mother was Kunata--a very light golden cheetah with amber eyes. As cubs, life wasn't all roses and prey. At six months old, she experienced the wrath of lions and hyenas. Her brother was killed by a hyena, and couple of days later, Kunata was injured by a lioness. Even with the shorter amount of cubs, finding adequate food and shelter was tougher. With her mother's injury to the hind leg, it was impossible to hunt food. The small family had to scavenge for food killed by previous predators. Very long trips had to be made to get away from the food. Staying there for a long time increased the risk of being seen by predators. At seven months, Kunata led her cubs to the Pixduas border, where she died. Before she passed, she told Thalia and Jitzu that the wolves would take care of them. In little time, the alpha and the beta at the time approached the cubs and took them in. Jitzu lived there for four years before leaving the pack in search for a mate. Thalia stayed and is currently living there.

Kunata- Mother (dead)
Jitzu- Sister (alive)
Malu- Brother (dead)
Father- Unknown

Application keys?:

How did you find us?:
I'm Chassity!

Other characters:
Beta Chassity

Roleplay post:
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