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 Bone Pile Shop & Store Rules

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PostSubject: Bone Pile Shop & Store Rules   Sat Oct 29, 2016 6:34 pm

Carefully read through these rules and make sure you understand them. Anyone found not following these rules will have their applications rejected.

  1. Understand that once your request is approved and the Bones are taken away, their gone. You won't be getting them back.
  2. Follow the code provided below to fill out an application. Requests not following the code below will be declined.
  3. Make a thread for your account. This thread will be the only place you can request purchases. One thread per person, please. If you have more than one account still use that one thread!
  4. Tag Nero in your thread whenever you make a new request. That way we know when you want our attention.
  5. Only Nero can approve applications.
  6. Be patient! Don't spam Nero constantly to get at your application. They are also busy running the site.

[b]Items Name:[/b]
(Tag Alpha Nero when complete: @Alpha Nero.)
(Are you purchasing something for someone? If not leave blank, if you are, who?)
(Details. Ie. Fur color, eye color, accessories etc.)

Are you planning on opening up your own store? Great! There's just some rules you need to know about the procedures in obtaining your very own store.

  1. You MUST have FIVE EXAMPLES of your work in your store. That way members can get an idea of your work.
  2. You can charge your own prices! However, you MUST go over the details with Nero, she must approve of your prices first. They also have to be realistic and affordable.
  3. Don't sell ANYTHING from the Bone pile shop, those items are earned and can't be randomly sold. If you violate this rule, your store will be shut down without warning.
  4. Store images must be no longer than 600 pixels x 400 pixels. You resize your own images.
  5. Avatars must be no longer than 150 pixels x 300 pixels
  6. No inappropriate images or suggestions.
  7. Your store image must be a picture of a real life animal, it doesn't matter what species. Long as it's an animal it will be all right.
  8. Be fair to ALL members! Ignorance in this rule will result in a warning. If the warning is ignored continually, then your store will be shut down without notice.
  9. Dont rush people to do your requests! Be patient. Our golden rule is first come first served.
  10. Post your application in your Shoppette thread.
  11. Your store image can be no larger than 500 pixels x 150 pixels. Pm Nero the image.
  12. You MUST have an introduction for us to put under your store image. Pm this to Nero.


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Bone Pile Shop & Store Rules
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