Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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 Update 10/31/16 [READ]

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Posts : 210
Join date : 2016-10-06
Age : 18
Location : Everywhere and nowhere

Character Information
Character Size: 99cm
Other Characters: Alayus & Rishi
Animal Species: Dire Wolf

Update 10/31/16 [READ] Empty
PostSubject: Update 10/31/16 [READ]   Update 10/31/16 [READ] EmptyMon Oct 31, 2016 2:58 pm

Hello, Guest! I'm sure you guy's have noticed that there have been some changes regarding the site, yes? I'll notify you all about it in this update.

First things first I would like to welcome all our new members and users! Our site has been coming along nicely and I want to thank the members for giving us a shot and joining us. Thanks, guys!

Next is our staff. Yesterday I was busy making nicer staff pictures and pictures for available positions. We are in need of a graphic designer and another technician along with Night. So if you know anyone who likes to do graphic design and / or code have them join us! They don't have to rp, long as they do their respectable roles. Next are moderators. We don't need them now, but soon our packs are going to grow and grow it is then that we'll need people suitable for these positions. The current staff team will be looking out for active members who are mature and helpful around the site, so if you're interested, be on your best behavior! The mod positions are for each pack, that means one mod for Sardothien, one for Pixduas, and one for the rogue / loner. You MUST have a character in one of these respectable packs and be active in that said pack if you want to become a mod.

Our new staff images:

Next is our weather widget. I created the 3 images into one so that members and staff can tell the time, season, and what the weather is at the moment. Currently, it is winter with light snow and it is nightfall. So if you're roleplaying and you're describing the season, weather, and time of day be sure to look on the right to see the image and implement whatever the image is. Anyone not found regarding this rule will be reminded of the season, weather, and time of day and told to edit their post.

On the right side below your avatar of your character you can notice there is this "switch account" widget. This widget allows you to switch to another account right away without having to go through the process of logging out and logging back in. Hopefully, this will be helpful for those of us with more than one account.
Switch Account Image:

Today I made a thread with all the available sizes for the species we allow on here. Please read it and change the size of your character if it isn't under the "regular" size! Reminder, the sizes are not of the subspecies! Rather they are the size of A) the largest subspecies or B) the general size of that said species. If you see any consistencies please notify me or another admin so we can fix it right away. This guide can be viewed here!

If you haven't noticed already we now have rank banners! Everyone has one with the given rank they are under. This can be found above your avatar. Everyone starts off with the Newborn rank, should you post more or have a certain number of posts your rank will change.

These are all the updates for now. Any questions post below or pm an admin.


Update 10/31/16 [READ] Nero11

Update 10/31/16 [READ] 1nero10  Update 10/31/16 [READ] 1ala10  Update 10/31/16 [READ] 1rishi10
Update 10/31/16 [READ] 1book10
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Update 10/31/16 [READ]
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