Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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PostSubject: Emysia   Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:38 pm


The Huntress.


2.5 years old.

Sardothien or Pixduas?:

Black Leopard/Panther

Jaegar - long legs and sleek black fur, allows for Emysia to be a prime hunter and tracker, especially at night.

Crush: -

Mate: -

Pups/cubs: -

Eye Color: A dilute pale yellow.

General appearance:
Emysia is of average height and size. This solid black feline has short charcoal fur that's soft to touch. It appears sleek and shiny in the sunshine due to the fact it is well groomed. Emysia's body is slender and long, yet muscled. This cat is known for her stealth and soundless steps; her body aids this truth. Emysia has pale, diluted yellow eyes, seeming to stand out among her dark shadowy fur.

General personalty:
Emysia is overall a very friendly feline. She has a good nature aura of kindness that often is demonstrated across the corners of her maw, or within her eyes. She is usually smiling around her pack mates. However, she has a very serious and diplomatic demeanor in regards to the functionality of the pack - and this sometimes can make her appear bipolar (one moment she's smiling, the next she's frowning at the stupidity of others?). She will protect and defend her pack with determination and drive. She believes in good strategy and is committed to doing what she can in order to benefit the rest. Emysia throws herself to her duties like some cats would to battle. Once she has been given a goal to complete, she takes its importance to heart and strives to complete it, no matter what.

Emysia is slightly tunnel-visioned in that once something is set, she refuses to deviate from the plan or idea. Emysia however is also a natural worrier. She gets nervous or fearful when a plan or idea goes unexpectedly off-track. She tends to overthink things and sometimes will be hesitant to situations as a result.

Emysia has a very large dislike and distrust of animals outside of her pack, her opinions of the other packs are low and at most, she is barely tolerant of them, indifferent towards their struggles, but accepting if it could potentially provide her pack with benefit in the long run. This dislike makes Emysia appear harder and a lot more serious in some regards. She could even appear brutal or cruel in her way of thinking, but it is simply her drive to protect her pack-mates that is being misunderstood.


  • Emysia enjoys being assigned tasks to complete by superiors, especially if she can see the long-term benefit for her pack mates. She is a determined soul, always persistent in doing what she can to help.

  • Emysia enjoys hunting, particularly at night. It is her favorite thing to do, and if she is ever required - it's likely she can be found chasing down various animals for meals.

  • Emysia despite her seemingly friendly, yet serious nature, enjoys socializing and spending time among her fellow pack-mates.


  • Emysia distrusts or dislikes most outsiders to the pack. She is fiercely protective of her family and views those outside to the pack as different. She is rather tolerable of them but indifferent to their views, unless she manages to foresee their benefit to the pack.

  • Emysia is a natural worrier, so canines or felines who are a lot more relaxed or have a more 'chilled' approach to various plans, make Emysia uncomfortable. She doesn't dislike them per say, she simply will find their insanely chilled nature a little foolish (despite the fact she worries too much).

  • Emysia dislikes swimming. She is not overly confident in or around the water. She can do it to some extent, but she's far from otter-like.

A young sleek feline named Chthua, was born and raised as a lone cat. She did not know her parents too well, they were but a mere memory. For as long as she could physically recall, it had simply been just herself. She was traveling around the lands ever since she was young, hunting and fighting her way through life. She caught just enough to sustain herself and fought enough battles to keep herself safe.

One day she entered a pack's territory unknowingly. She walked right into this large, bulky male. The male had bright colored eyes and wore a rather surprised expression. He had been distracted by prey to have noticed Chthua. However, it was like love at first sight. Zelnos, the male, immediately tried to stand his ground. However, the result was frightening Chthua. It did not take long for the two to began talking. And it was not long for their love to truly form.

Zelnos at the time belonged to a small pack. A group of rogues, lead by his parents, that had banded together in hopes to survive. Zelnos had been born into the group and it was all he had never known. The group were not accepting of outsiders, despite the fact they all had once been outsiders themselves. Zelnos's parents discovered their son's secret one moon; finding him hidden away in a small cave on the outskirts of their territory. Inside the cave was a heavily pregnant Chthua. Zelnos's parents were furious - the father feeling like his son's acts were a black stain on his reputation. The two males tussled, but Zelnos managed to get free from his father's grip; rushing his pregnant mate out of the cave as he did so.

The two felines managed to escape, but Zelnos was terribly wounded. It was clear that he would not survive for much longer. Chthua grieved as her mate died days before her birth. It had been a very challenging time for the young feline. Chthua managed to reach another set of pack borders - Pixduas. She was consumed with grief and was suffering from chronic depression. She had known Zelnos for some time, and he had completed her. The pack accepted Chthua and her unborn cubs. Chthua ended up birthing not long after she had joined. She produced two cublings, a male and a female. She cherished them greatly; aiding her in her loss for Zelnos. She told her young all about their father, all about his history and all about her own history. When the cubs were around 1 year old, Chthua was diagnosed with an illness and shortly passed away a few months later. The cubs continued to grow and became strong and healthy additions to the pack.

Chthua - Mother (deceased; stealthy, somewhat small black panther)
Zelnos - Father (deceased; large, beefy black panther)
Zetyr - Brother (alive; relatively muscled, solid black male panther).

Application keys?:
-Alphess Raina adds the application keys to her soup-

How did you find us?:
Clans of the Sky.

Roleplay post:
Stagwhisker slowly made his way through the long grassy moors. Out here, he felt free. The striped brown tabby enjoyed the exposed offerings of the moor. He enjoyed the fresh prey that scampered by and the speed of which was required to keep up with it. Stagwhisker slowly inhaled. There was the nearby linger of a mouse. Instinctively, the tom crouched down and began to creep towards the small morsel.

The sunrise had started off well. Although, looking to the skies now; there was still plenty of time to go. Stagwhisker had woken up early. The skies were splashed with a mixture of pink and blue. Now, the skies were a pale blue, a few clouds littered here and there. The tom had caught some mice when he checked the borders. There had been nothing unusual, so now he saw to the moor for some more prey.

No distractions played in his mind as reduced the distance between himself and the rodent. The tabby got within range. The mouse was rounded, colored as a pale brown. You are mine! He thought as he swiftly sprang towards it. The male killed it with a quick blow. The creature was his.

@Alpha Nero
@Beta Chassity
@Alphess Raina
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Rad Radish

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PostSubject: Re: Emysia   Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:01 pm

Welcome to Seeking Redemption! I hope you enjoy your time here!


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