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 Mating, pregnancy, and Aging

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PostSubject: Mating, pregnancy, and Aging   Fri Nov 04, 2016 10:10 pm

Here at SR we like to use the word courting when one is searching for a mate. To spice our characters love life up and because we love diversity here at Seeking Redemption we allow different sexual orientations. When two partners have finally decided that they want to be mates for life one - normally the male - approaches the alpha or alphess and requests that the two become mates and a ceremony be held. Depending on what pack you're in affects if a ceremony is held. Generally, courting takes two or more weeks in real life. This helps prevent members from pairing character up right away and encourages that your characters get to know each other. Reminder: alpha's need to give their blessing or in other words, their permission before two canines or felines can even become mates. If a dog and wolf want to be mates this is fine, it's only when you want to have offspring that you need to purchase the 'hybrid' item.

  • Have a realistic amount of posts between your characters before they can become mates.
  • Alpha's must approve of your courtship either IC or OOC

Mating Together
When two felines or canines have been mates with each other for about a week in real life you have the option available to you to have a litter together. Mating season is the only time you and your partner may breed together, this is commonly held in winter, however, there are chances of it being in late autumn. Same-sex couples who want a litter of their own have the option to adopt or have a willing surrogate or donor lend a paw. This must be discussed between the three members outside of roleplay.

When conception of your litter has happened a dice role will be done by either Nero, Chassity or Raina. Dice rolls will determine the amount of offspring you'll be having and their genders. Dice roles do not have to happen if you are planning on purchasing your own litter. It is recommended that you start an offspring request right away, this is where we'll do your dice roll determining your litter. Please read up on what an offspring is here. Your offspring request will remain pending until an admin goes over it, once it has been approved it is recommended that you start an adoption thread. You can start a new topic with these codes in the post here.

  • Please refrain from graphic mating in your posts. You can do that through pm with your partner. Use the traditional "fade to black" to signify that your characters are breeding.
  • Since we are a semi-realistic site we have a breeding season. Our breeding season is in winter, however, on the occasion, we allow breeding in late autumn.
  • You don't have to have a mate in order to breed. You can breed with a random female in heat with their characters permission.
  • Felines and canines can only reproduce at the age of two.
  • Rape is allowed, however, both members responsible for roleplaying the characters need to agree on this.
  • You need to have 10 posts between your characters before you can have a litter.

Pregnancy and Giving Birth
A successful breeding will result in a female being pregnant. A female will be pregnant for the rest of winter until her due date, a date Nero will give to you. Admins will warn you when your due date is fast approaching. We encourage our users to be realistic when a female is giving birth. This means thoughts, emotions, pain, etc, however, we don't want gory births as we still want to keep the place PG-13.

When pups or cubs are first born they will be NPC's who are role played by their mother for two weeks in real life. Once it's been two weeks newborns will have an age jump to 6 months old. This is when they can become playable to their adopter. Once all pups and cubs in the pack have been born and are 6 months old a ceremony will be held to congratulate all the pups and have their training rank be announced to the pack.

  • An admin will do a dice roll to see how many pups you're having and their genders. You do not have to do a dice roll if your planning on paying for the size of your litter and their genders.
  • As soon as your pup request is approved your automatically pregnant. You'll be pregnant for the rest of winter until spring and when birthing is allowed. Any pups or cubs not adopted by your characters due date are considered "stillborn". You'll be refunded if you paid for your litter size.
  • It is recommended to make an adoption thread for your pups right away! Please keep this in mind.
  • Pregnant females are relieved of their rank and duties until their pups are weaned.
  • After a successful breeding you'll need to make a pup request. It is recommended to do this right away. Your request will remain pending until an admin looks over it. You can request here.
  • Newborns are NPC's until they get an age jump and are open to roleplay at 6 months.

Aging is a very fickle thing here on SR so I'll be explaining it more in depth to help you guys get a better understanding of how it works.

Generally, when you first join us characters have to be 2 years old or older, but this leads to the question of when do you age your character(s)? Simple, your characters age once on here as we have a six months to a full year. A mass post will be sent out to remind everyone that their characters need to age, you only need to do this once as characters would grow up fast if we aged twice every six months. These announcements will be commonly in spring.

When a litter is born they are considered NPC's until two weeks in real life time, then they will age to six months old and become playable to their respective adopters. Cubs and pups start to age like every other adult.


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Mating, pregnancy, and Aging
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