Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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 Val of Sardothien

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Character Information
Character Size: 52cm
Other Characters:
Animal Species: Siberian husky

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PostSubject: Val of Sardothien   Val of Sardothien EmptyFri Nov 04, 2016 10:29 pm


Val of Sardothien Siberi10

Her full name is Valeria, but she really only goes by "Val".


Sexual Orientation:

2 years, 2 months

Sardothien or Pixduas?:

Siberian Husky

Shaman (But she also could double as a nanny if necessary)




Eye Color:
Ice Blue

Special markings/scars:

General appearance:
Val is a rather pretty, small husky. Like most huskies, she has a soft and thick double coat, with medium-length fur. She stands at 52cm at the withers - rather small compared to a wolf. Her pelt is a mixture of blacks and whites, with most of her dorsal being black, and her underside being white. She isn't even remotely intimidating build-wise, as she is quite short, yet lean. Val's face can be described as gentle and tender - her striking blue eyes only add to her soft appearance. Overall, she seems like a dainty canine whom you would never expect to be in Sardothien.

General personalty:
Notable Traits - Friendly, respectful, polite, loyal, patient, firm, soothing, gentle, cunning, flirtatious
Val seems to have the personality of a classic shaman. She is quite friendly, which is quite evident upon first introductions. As long as they're in her pack, she'd treat them with respect - even the omegas. If a higher-ranking packmate isn't around, she'll be willing to assist and have conversation with omegas, even. If they're a packmate, she'll be as loyal and as polite as possible. It isn't in her nature to be unloyal, after all!
Of course, shamans should be patient. They have to occasionally deal with snappy and feisty wolves, after all! Over the months, she has taken the quote "Patience is a virtue" to heart. It takes a lot to anger her - at this point, not even violence bugs her. She's gotten used to it, growing up in Sardothien. If anything, violence towards pups and elders are what makes her snap, but she's usually rather passive. However, if she has to deal with a rowdier wolf than normal, she can become rather strict and firm in order to try and assist them.
Obviously, Val is gentle and soothing, being a shaman, and a nanny on occasion. She's been around pups for most of her life, so, of course, she knows how to help soothe them. If she has a frightened or injured wolf or pup, she'll do her best to make them happy again - and in Sardothien, goodness knows they may need plenty of soothing. She believes that every wolf in the pack should be at their strongest.
Val isn't completely motherly and tender, however. As she was raised in Sardothien, she does have her more mischievous traits. This canine is rather devious and cunning  - she likes to have her fun. When she can, Val would gladly poke fun at certain wolves (though it's only playful banter). She is somewhat nosy, and is rather perceptive (being a shaman and a part-time nanny helps that out). She has a keen eye for detail, and can read others well. Along with this, Val is flirting and charming. After all, being cooped up sorting herbs all day doesn't give her much time to spend with many older males. She finds flirting as a fun pastime. Whether or not the male is interested is no concern for her.


  • Pups and cubs

  • Flirting

  • Helping others


  • Boredom

  • Traitors

  • Disrespect

Val was born into Sardothien by a Siberian husky known as Serene. She had never actually met her father, but Serene told her many things about the male. He was a dashing, valiant male husky named Jet, as his dorsal was jet black. According to Serene, he was a fierce young male - he wouldn't hesitate to even fight a wolf! Jet would tell her all about his adventures and fights, though she knew that he was boasting for most of the time. Val would always listen to her mother recall his stories - she had always wanted to hear the original, though she didn't mind her mother's retelling. The pup had always found her father to be some sort of glorious, mighty husky. Yet, she never got to meet him. Val would constantly ask her mother if Jet was going to visit, but her mother always replied with a curt "I don't know, little Val."
Nonetheless, Serene had told Val how she met the handsome male. Serene, herself, was an escaped house-dog. She had despised her owners, who barely fed her and barely gave her any attention. It seemed they were always busy. When she finally got the chance, Serene fled and escaped to the wild. She was only a young she-dog around this time... Her encounter with Jet was, as she described, just mere fate. She ran into the fellow husky while she was on the brink of starvation - she didn't know how to properly hunt. Jet, on the otherhand, was in the wild for much longer than she. He taught Serene how to hunt, and just plain survive, and the two decided to stick together, traveling quite far.
After a couple of years of traveling together, the two eventually came across the Sardothien territory. Jet and Serene found it to be a rather powerful pack, one with a very safe and secure camp. Jet thought their way of life was thrilling - Serene didn't think so, but she opted to stay with Jet. They were allowed to join, and soon after, the two mated.
Unfortunately, only a few months into Serene's pregnancy, Jet was killed by a rogue wolf. As she said, the male was extremely brave, and would fight just about any animal. However, a husky was no match for it's larger cousin. Serene was obviously distraught, and was torn between leaving the pack, or staying. She ended up choosing to remain in the pack, but only out of fear. She knew she wouldn't be able to raise the pup on her own. Not to mention, she feared the alpha's wrath if she tried to leave.
Eventually, Val was born. Serene didn't want the two to remain in the dangerous pack, but she figured she had no choice. So, in order to shape the pup into a proper "Sardothien" canine, she raised her to be rather independent. She'd be rather strict with the pup, and always made sure she'd stay in line. Serene knew that Val would never survive as a warrior or jaegar, and would be miserable as an omega, so she encouraged her to become a shaman once her training began, like her. Val, being rather close to her mother, loved this. She eagerly listened to her and the other shamans, doing whatever it would take to assist. She was eager to help out.
After a while, Serene unfortunately and somewhat ironically died of a disease. Val was closer to the end of her training when this occurred, and was understandably upset by this. However, she overcame her grief quickly, and finished her training. From then on, she just lived life, caring for and tending to the wolves of Sardothien.

Serene | Mother | Deceased
Jet | Father | Deceased

Application keys?:
Nero steals all the keys and runs off - Nero

How did you find us?:

Other characters:

Roleplay post:
Y'all already know how I roleplay~!

@Alpha Nero @Alphess Raina

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Val of Sardothien
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