Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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Warrior Titan
Warrior Titan

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PostSubject: Titan   Titan EmptySat Nov 05, 2016 4:38 am


Titan GUkcsEt

Titan the Strong-Heart, Ti


Sexual Orientation:

4 years

Sardothien or Pixduas?:

Timber Wolf





Eye Color:

Special markings/scars:
A few scars scattered across his body, mainly claw marks.

General appearance:
Titan stands at around 91 cm to the shoulder. His fur is of many colors, mainly shades of brown and black. His pelt is very thick and his fur covers his entire body in fluff. Ebony stretches from the tip of his nose down to his tail, his shoulder blades and back are covered in thick black fur that fades down ward into a creamy tan and white. His face is wrapped in white on the lower side, dragging down to his chest and underbelly. He's ripped in muscles across his legs and body, being a very large and scary beast. He has a scar that crosses from the top left of his face down to the bottom right of his maw, a claw shape of four. The scar being very obvious, though his sharp blue eyes seem to draw attention away from them.

General personalty:
Titan is very quiet and thoughtful. He tends to keep to himself as it seems the best way to stay out of trouble. He's stubborn though, and stands up for what he believes in. He's very protective of those he considers family and would lay his life down for them. He's sweet and gentle, with a bit of a dangerous evil side. He's smart and quick-witted and has a very vast understanding of the world around him. He's wise but often naive and gullible as well. He is very daring and enjoys trying new things, but yet he's cautious and very un-trusting of others until he gets to know them. He's very loyal, personality wise, and he will often show it and say things to show his encouragement towards it.


  • Rain

  • Lighting

  • Summer Breezes


  • Swimming

  • Fish

  • Liars

Titan was born to a very large litter of seven, he was the second eldest of the group and fell in line right behind his sister. Of all his siblings, he was the only one with sharp blue eyes. The rest had a dull green and took much after their father rather the mother. Titan, however, was a spitting image of his mother and it pained his father as she had died giving birth to the last pup. His 'adopted' mom was quite stunning herself, she was kind and she taught Titan and his siblings many things in life. Growing up knowing his real mother died, and as he was the spitting image of her... he took the heat from his father who became abusive towards him at a young age. By the age of 6 months, he was the outcast of his family and he was often picked on by his siblings except for one sister, the baby of the family. She was the runt, and she cared deeply for Titan.

They began minor training when they were 8 months old, learning to hunt for themselves was the very first task they would be taught. Being the second largest of his siblings, he was not made for the task of speed and agility. During the training it was a task brought upon his siblings by his father to attack him at random times during their hunting trip. By the end of the first time hunting, Titan knew more about fighting than he did hunting. His 'mother' tended to his wounds when he returned, she pitied him greatly but didn't dare to speak up against Titan's father. The pack they were apart of, Titan's father was the leader of the entire pack. The wolves of the pack took care to avoid the younger brute at all costs. He was oddly alone. He could feel the pity and he loathed it, to become stronger would be his goal.

It came to a point at around a year old, his father stopped hunting for them and would sent them out in pairs of two or three. Titan was always paired up with his youngest sister, Becca. She was a fantastic hunter, and Titan would help her by scaring the creatures her way. Together they were the outcast and the runt. After a while the rest of their family could see how well fed they were, and how well they were getting along. Within weeks of them finding comfort within each other, their father forced them to fight to the death. Titan refused to hurt his beloved sister, he turned around and attacked his father instead. The pack rioted hard, howls tearing through the air but among the chaos that let rip, Becca escaped thanks to Titan. Not wanting to kill Titan, the father decided the best way to wound him was to leave him a mark across his face by the one he loved most. A search party was sent out in hunt of Becca.

It took them a year and Titan was two years old when they finally brought back his sister. She was much smaller, but the fight to death would happen as they were rallied together and forced into the center of a circle. If they tried to escape, they were attacked, trampled upon and thrown back in. With no other choice, they fought back and forth... both being oddly stubborn. Finally the other siblings were thrown into the ring with one mission, kill the outcast and the runt. Titan tried defending his dear sister as well as he could, but they were both defeated and Becca was forced to lash out at Titan one last time, her teeth scraped across his face and the pain he felt was not physical but mentally and emotionally. He watched as Becca collapsed one last time and her breathing faded. In one last attempt of rage, Titan stood at his full height, charged his father and knocked him off the cliff he had been standing upon. With a surge of energy another one of siblings also pushed him off. Luckily, Titan landed on a ledge below. His father... not so lucky. They pushed the body of Becca off and Titan managed to catch her and pull her body up. He lay there for hours, soaked in both the blood of his sister and his own. He wept silently, sobbing without tears.

When he was done being upset, he lifted his sisters body upon his shoulders and carried her across the ledge and carefully made his way down the mountain. Ledge after ledge, step after step. He made it to the bottom running on low health and energy. He collapsed by the bottom and slept until he woke the next day. He was hidden in a cave, herbs across his body and his sister's body was nowhere to be seen. He snarled out a greeting to the figure in the entrance, trying to stand he faltered and collapsed again. In a soothing voice, the stranger explained everything that had happened. Nasty rogue's had been feasting upon his sisters body and the stranger had dragged Titan away with quite a fight. Being on the winning side, the stranger had decided he would save Titan's life for a price. Titan would become his slave until the debt was re-paid.

Titan agreed as he saw no other choice and wanted to live more so then he wanted to die. He spent his third year of life traveling with the no-name stranger. He protected the other brute and he hunted and he often found himself to be more than just a slave. He was raped more then once and it enraged the brute so much that at last he couldn't stand it. He lashed out at his captor and in a bloody fight, Titan came out as the winner. Having learned to use herbs from the other brute, he took care of himself and spent his time traveling alone and not trusting others. A year passed by and he found himself with many scars but only one stung him deeply. He wished he had his sister to travel with him, but he was alone and he would be alone for the rest of his life.

Mother: Deceased
Father: Deceased
Sisters: (4 of them): Becca - Deceased, Agatha - Deceased, Tina - Alive,  Delil - Deceased
Brothers: (2 of them): Jasu - Deceased, Under - Alive

Application keys?:
Eats the delicous keys - Nero

How did you find us?: Nero <3

Other characters:

Roleplay post:
(Taken from a cat RP I did... I'm quite proud of this post...)
When he woke up, which was a surprise to him, he was surrounded by thick mist that blocked view from everything but the path that was set before him. He despised set paths, as if they controlled his destiny when it was him who controlled his life. He shook his head and decided since he couldn't see anything but the dull path with his own dull eyes, he would follow it. His paws shifted as he ached in silence, body still sore from his journey, or perhaps it was his soul and mind that ached. He licked his nose softly, walking along the path until he saw a palace of great, with statues of cats lining the path. He moved slowly, finding the place to be very peaceful.

"Well, this must be my new home. Where exactly is it though...?" He purred in thought. Dull yellow eyes searched the area once more as he sighed heavily and moved towards the steps. He climbed to the top and turned to see that one of the statues pedestals was empty. He smiled, leaping onto it and sitting, posed exactly like the statue across from him. His dull golden hues shut loosely so it looked like he was resting. He slowed his breathing and listened, ears relaxed as he seemingly fell asleep. But really, he didn't know what to expect, so he was hoping that he could spook the next cat that dare approach the shadows.

He purred quietly, a rumble that ripped through his entire body as he started feeling younger then he had before. He let his purr subside, listening to the world around him. Then it began, the flashbacks to what exactly happened. He winced, remembering the pain he felt to save a kitten, the wild dog, the enraged mother. The mother had acted as if she wanted the kitten to die, but he didn't know what happened after he had been pinned down and killed.

He sneered lightly, the look upon his face was sheer pain. He could remember it, yet it was like scratching at a wall with no claws. The memories on flowed when he tried to remember, otherwise, it was all such a blur. The details were blurry to him, as if something had taken the details and threw them where no one would be able to find them. He pushed his mind around, trying to remember anything about his life. He recalled some adventures, his siblings, his parents, but it was as if the story was blocked and the only thing that kept him from turning the page was something within his mind.

He groaned quietly, opening his eyes to stare at the statue across from him. He flicked his feathery tail and sighed. Sitting like a statue was boring, clearly no cat was going to approach him. He shifted and lay across the pedestal and let his paw slide off of it, hanging in the air. From his viewpoint, he was a normal cat. But from something that was far away and couldn't see the breathing, he could easily still be mistaken for a statue. His colors made it easy to match the others, with maybe the slight difference to the fact he was a tiny bit darker. But mysterious all the same.

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Titan Tiger_12

Welcome, love! You can make a border post to your designated pack.


Titan Nero11

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