Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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 Iskra of Pixduas

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Jaeger Iskra

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Character Information
Character Size: 70cm
Other Characters: Lucrais, Val
Animal Species: Utonagan

PostSubject: Iskra of Pixduas   Sat Nov 05, 2016 10:28 pm




Sexual Orientation:

2 years and 7 months

Sardothien or Pixduas?:

Utonagan (German shepherd, Alaskan malamute, Siberian husky)



None anymore, but she wouldn't mind a new one

None anymore, but wouldn't mind having more

Eye Color:
Left eye is light green, right eye is light blue (Heterochromia purchased by Nero)

Special markings/scars:

General appearance:
Iskra is a unique but beautiful she-dog. Being a a combination of a German shepherd, an Alaskan malamute, and a Siberian husky, she looks rather wolf-like, and stands at 70cm at the withers. Being a jaeger, she isn't the bulkiest, but is more on the lean side. She sports a mostly brown and black pelt, with a mostly black dorsal, similar to a German shepherd. However, most of her underbelly is a light cream. Her fur, of course, is long and silky, like that of a malamute. She keeps it as clean as possible, and can't stand any tangles, mud, or dirt (her appearance was practically the only quality her parents regarded in a positive light). Iskra also has heterochromia, giving her two different colored eyes. One is a soft, light blue, while the other is a piercing shade of green.

General personalty:
Notable traits - Aggressive, feisty, rude, sassy, sarcastic, intense, stubborn, strict, intelligent, principled, responsible, low self esteem
Despite being in Pixduas, Iskra has a rather fiery personality. She may seem level-headed at times, but she can become angry in a matter of seconds. Many things will make her angry, as she's quite touchy. She might be pretty, but don't be fooled - and don't try to flirt. She hates flattery. If anything, she'll insult you and walk away. This mutt isn't the nicest; actually, she's rather rude. She isn't afraid to insult others whenever she sees fit. Sometimes she'll even threaten others, if angered to that point - she doesn't like being questioned or disrespected whatsoever. She's a no-nonsense type of canine as well, and won't hesitate to call anyone "dumbass" if she sees fit. Along with her foul attitude, she's sassy and sarcastic. This canine will jump at an opportunity to mock or scorn someone,
Along with this, Iskra is very passionate. Her passion for many things makes her quite intense. If she has an opinion, they're extremely strong and she would stand by it quite firmly. Almost nothing can change her beliefs, unless she sees that they go against her principles. Because of this, it's easy to say that she is very stubborn. It's hard to convince her to change her attitude, opinions, or anything else, despite convincing arguments. It's tough to like this canine, admittedly. There are quite a few negative personality traits one would have to deal with.
Despite all this, Iskra does have some good qualities besides her looks. She might not seem like it due to her temper and stubbornness, but this canine is rather smart. It's probably due to her blood - all three breeds are quite smart creatures. She doesn't really put her intelligence to use that often, though. She mostly uses it to think up hunting strategies. Nonetheless, Iskra is also quite principled - it's hard to see, however, due to her aggressiveness. Yet, this canine has strong morals, which she'll follow no matter what. She wouldn't hesitate to die for them... though only if necessary. She's honorable, in a way. Because of these morals, she's quite responsible. She'll do her best to carry out tasks, and is quite honest. She'll never betray those she believes to be worthy of her loyalty.
It might be hard to tell because of her intense and fiery personality, but Iskra, unfortunately, has low self esteem. She doesn't try to show how much she really dislikes herself, and keeps up her "ANGERRRR" facade. Due to her past, she has always believed that she was never good enough. If she messes up, she'd become extremely furious with herself. Usually Iskra will also direct her anger towards others. She's somewhat misunderstood, but her stubbornness prevents her from thinking she's... well... not terrible.


  • Peace

  • Hunting

  • Honesty


  • Disrespect

  • Herself (rip Iskra)

  • Immaturity

Iskra was born to Andon, a German shepherd male, and Malina, an Alaskan malamute and Siberian husky mix. Andon and Malina were extremely close, having known each other since puphood. They never liked leaving each other's side. However, Andon had to hunt for Malina and the pup. This evidently bothered the two. Along with that, Malina often expressed her annoyance with her offspring. According to her, Iskra took up too much of her time that she could be spending with her mate. It seemed that Andon felt the same, as he barely regarded the pup and paid more attention to his dame.
Iskra still loved her parents despite this. She'd stick close to her mother, trailing behind her and listening as closely as possible to the curt lessons that she and Andon gave. She tried her hardest to please them - all she wanted was to make them proud. Despite all her efforts, her parents never really regarded her accomplishments, and always brushed her off or ignore her. The pup was too naive to be able to tell that they disliked her. She figured that she just wasn't good enough, or that she messed up somehow - even if she didn't. Iskra would often ask her parents what she did wrong, but they'd just ignore her or tell her to figure it out herself.
Iskra was never able to "figure it out"; she always assumed the wrong thing. She never realized that her parents despised her and barely put up with her. As she grew older, she became more serious, aggressive, and angry, but even more eager to please. She'd try desperately to get her parent's approval. The most recognition they gave her was regarding her looks - "Well, at least she's pretty." Iskra didn't want just that, though. She wanted their love, their approval in her... well... herself.
The mutt never got their approval. One day, when Iskra was around a year old (she'd be considered 12 in human years), her parents informed her that they were going hunting, and told her to stay in their den. Being the obedient and quick-to-please puppy she was, the mix did so. She didn't want to displease her parents, after all. It seemed that she did so even without intending to - if she disobeyed them, she could only imagine what'd they'd think of her! So, she waited. And waited... and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited some more. She waited for three days. Finally, starvation drove her to follow their scent trail to the best of her ability. However, a rainstorm had washed away their scent.  
Iskra was confused and terrified - what happened to her parents?! Were they killed?! Thankfully, she knew how to hunt for herself and what plants to eat. She managed to catch some food - enough to keep her alive. The mix spent many days trying to find her parents before she finally realized... Her parents had left her behind. This brought an onslaught of new emotions - anger, grief, fury, self hatred, among others.
Iskra knew she needed to find a new pack, or someone to travel with. She wasn't old enough to live on her own for long. She prayed over and over again that her parents would return, or that she'd find someone to stay with... and they were answered. On the brink of starvation, she came across a dashing male wolf, known as Sindre. He was a few months older than her, and knew how to survive quite well on his own. He seemed quite friendly, and thankfully, very patient. He was miraculously able to put up with Iskra's horrible temper and attitude. He pledged to teach her what he knew. He became a good friend and a tutor to the she-dog... and eventually, after a year, a mate. The two produced a dashing wolf-dog male, whom they named Espen.
It was after Espen's birth that Iskra and Sindre began having arguments and fights. They revolved around many things - how to raise Espen, how each other acted, whether or not they should find a new territory... It became unbearable... Sindre seemed to find it especially unbearable. One day, he turned around and stormed off, leaving Iskra and Espen behind. He never returned. The dame didn't really care, however - she was sick of him. She figured she'd just try her best to take care of Espen. It was hard though. The fae was angry... furious. However, she managed. She was an excellent hunter.
Espen was around six months old (nine in human years) when Iskra had left to go hunting. She had her pup well-hidden in her den. He was an obedient pup, for the most part. If she told him to stay, he'd stay. However, Iskra was gone for longer than expected when her hunting trip was unsuccessful. After finally managing to catch a raccoon, the she-dog returned to the den... but to her horror, Espen was gone. Iskra immediately began searching for him, following his scent. It seemed that he had gone looking for her. It was a fatal mistake - it was extremely dangerous for a pup to be wandering about alone. After a while of searching, Iskra eventually encountered a corpse.... the corpse of her pup. She smelled the scent of a cougar. Fury overwhelmed the canine - the damned cat had killed Espen for no real reason. It didn't eat him, it just slaughtered him and moved on.
By this point, the dame was more bitter than ever. Yet again, she messed up. She was angry with herself; first she lost her parents by messing up, then she lost her mate, and then her pup was murdered mercilessly. Iskra wanted to die... yet she traveled onward, determined to find a better life. Surely, that couldn't be it.

Andon | Father | Unknown
Malina | Mother | Unknown
Sindre | Mate | Unknown
Espen | Pup | Deceased

Application keys?:
Nero buries the keys and scampers off - Nero

How did you find us?:

Other characters:
Lucrais (Sardothien), Val (Sardothien)

Roleplay post:

@Alpha Nero @Alphess Raina @Beta Chassity
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Other Characters: Alayus & Rishi
Animal Species: Dire Wolf

PostSubject: Re: Iskra of Pixduas   Sat Nov 05, 2016 10:47 pm

Beautiful character by the way! ^^


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Iskra of Pixduas
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