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 Other Herbs

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Warrior Lucrais
Warrior Lucrais

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PostSubject: Other Herbs   Other Herbs EmptySun Nov 06, 2016 4:58 pm

Traveling Herbs consists of sorrel, daisy, chamomile and burnet. Used to give an animal more energy and strength.

Alder Bark
Description: Bark of the alder tree.
Location: Unknown - presumably in forests.
Usage: Unknown - presumably chewed on.
Effect: Eases toothaches

Beech Leaves
Description: The distinguishing feature of the leaf is the serrated edges
Location: Unknown
Usage: Can be used to store and carry other herbs.
Effect: None

Borage Leaves
Description: It is easily distinguished by its small blue or pink star-shaped flowers and hairy leaves.
Location: Grows best in forests
Usage: It is chewed and eaten by nursing queens.
Effect: It produces more and better milk.

Description: Has oval-shaped leaves with serrated edges. Stems grow 50-200cm tall, with large clusters of small flower buds on top.
Location: Unknown
Usage: Eaten whilst traveling
Effect: Keeps strength up

Description: A plant with fuzzy green balls on long clinging stems.
Location: Unknown
Usage: The burrs are put on the pelt where poultices are.
Effect: Stops poultices from being rubbed off without hurting the skin.

Description: A small, white flower with a large, yellow center
Location: Can be found in fields.
Usage: Eaten
Effect: Strengthens the heart and soothes the mind. Also given to traveling animals for strength.

Daisy Leaf
Description: Thick, dark green, oval shaped leaves
Location: Unknown
Usage: Chewed into a paste
Effect: Eases the pain of aching joints. It is also a travelling

Description: Small bush with flowers resembling daisies, sharp tangy smell, small soft leaves
Location: Grows best along the water
Effect: Helps pain in the hips

Heather Nectar
Description: Nectar found in bell-shaped flowers.
Location: Best grown in shady areas
Usage: Included in herbal mixtures.
Effect: Makes swallowing easier and sweetens mixtures

Description: A sweet, golden-colored liquid made by bees.
Location: In honeycombs or bees nests up in trees.
Usage: Eaten, or given by moss soaked in it.
Effect: Soothes infections, smoke-damaged or sore throats, and helps animals swallow other concoctions.

Juniper Berries
Description: Purple-blue berries from the dark green, spiky-leaved juniper bush.
Location: Grows in places that are not wet
Usage: Chewed and eaten.
Effect: Soothes bellyaches, gives strength, and helps troubled breathing. It is also used to help calm cats.

Lamb's Ear
Description: Soft, fuzzy green plant.
Location: Commonly found in the mountains
Usage: Unknown - presumably eaten.
Effect: Gives the consumer strength.

Description: A small, purple, flowering plant.
Location: Presumably in meadows.
Usage: Rubbed on pelt/placed around the corpse
Effect: Can be used to hide the scent of death.

Description: None
Location: Can be found in forests
Usage: Rubbed on a dead body
Effect: Hides the scent of death

Description: A long-stemmed plant with ragged-edged crinkly leaves, Sharp scent, tastes cold and fresh, tastes the same fresh or dried
Location: Unknown
Usage: Eaten
Effect: Stops a queen from producing milk if her offspring die, don't need milk anymore, or are producing too much milk.

Poppy Seeds
Description: Small black seeds that are shaken out of a dried poppy flowerhead.
Location: All over the forest
Usage: Chewed on
Effect: They can put someone to sleep, soothe shock or distress, or ease pain. Not recommended for nursing mothers.

Description: Tall with needle-like leaves and purple flowers.
Location: Can be found in forests
Usage: Put on the pelt of a corpse to prepare for burial.
Effect: Hides the scent of death.

Description: Similar to dock, Sorrel is used as a traveling herb
Location: Forests and swamps
Usage: Eaten
Effect: Traveling herb

Description: Small, delicate, thick, sticky leaves with a fresh tang
Location: Grows best in rocky terrain
Usage: Leaves can be chewed on
Effect: Calms nervousness, anxiety, and animals who are in shock.

Description: Easily identifiable by its red berries
Location: Sandy soils in damp woods
Usage: Unknown
Effect: Treats wounds and some poisons

Description: A flowering plant
Location: Grow best in somewhat sandy soil
Usage: Its leaves are chewed into a poultice that can be given to cats or applied to a wound depending on the situation.
Effect: Extracts poison from wounds. Will make a cat vomit up toxins. The ointment will soften and help heal cracked pads.


Other Herbs Lu11
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Shaman Wisp
Shaman Wisp

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Animal Species: Bobcat

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PostSubject: Re: Other Herbs   Other Herbs EmptySun Nov 06, 2016 8:11 pm

These are warrior herbs. I know a lot of herbs by now because i've read over twenty warrior books.

Also just look at this
It is the same thing as this but with more info.
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Shaman Wisp
Shaman Wisp

Posts : 20
Join date : 2016-11-03
Location : Nowhere

Character Information
Character Size: 2.2 ft
Other Characters:
Animal Species: Bobcat

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PostSubject: Re: Other Herbs   Other Herbs EmptyMon Nov 07, 2016 4:57 pm

Good for queens that soon will give birth as it easens birth.


Other Herbs North-star-solid-white-clip-art-at-clker-com-vector-clip-art-online-JCKhb7-clipart
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Rad Radish
Rad Radish

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PostSubject: Re: Other Herbs   Other Herbs EmptyMon Nov 07, 2016 6:19 pm


Please do not double post. Refrain from doing do in the future.


Other Herbs Chas_s10
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PostSubject: Re: Other Herbs   Other Herbs Empty

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Other Herbs
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