Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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 Who is Emysia?

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Character Size: 95 cms; 25 kgs (55lbs)
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Animal Species: Black Panther

Who is Emysia? Empty
PostSubject: Who is Emysia?   Who is Emysia? EmptySun Nov 27, 2016 4:18 am



....Of course not....


REAL NAME: Alana (Ah-La-Nah)
NICKNAME(S) / PREFERS TO BE CALLED: Alana, Llama, Lana, Emy, Ems, Emysia.

AGE: 20 years old.
GENDER: Female.

CHARACTER(S): @Jaeger Emysia & @Warrior Sicarius

Life in general
I've just completed a Bachelors Degree in Business (majoring in management & marketing). It was a long and bumpy ride, but I'm glad to have completed it. I'm now searching for the right job and will hopefully find something that I enjoy so I can put my stressful studies to good use!

I'm a bit of a nerd. I got straight A's all throughout college/university (excluding the accounting courses; someone's not great at mathing) and when in High School, my grades were pretty decent as well. I'm also a bit geeky. I like playing strategy video games, watching superhero movies/shows, enjoy boardgames and also tabletop rpgs.

Typically I listen to heavy metal, metal, rock and alternative rock. I will listen to pop from time to time, but I'm not hugely fond of it. If I listen to it, it's typically the older pop music from 4-10 years ago. My favorite bands include - Imagine Dragons, Bullet for my valentine, Escape the fate, Falling in reverse, Halestorm, In this moment, The pretty reckless, Slipknot, ACDC, and many, many others.

I love a variety of shows..Including - Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Doctor Who, House of Cards, Vikings, Outlander, Lucifer, Westworld, Tyrant, Poldark.
If you love any of these shows, feel free to drop me a message about them.
WARNING - I'll chat your ears off!

I've been roleplaying since I was around 12 or 13 years old (so about 8 years). I first began roleplaying wolves, I then transitioned to warrior cats (through a friend) and now I dabble in various roleplays. Humans, fantasy, dragons, wolves, big cats, warrior cats, etc. I enjoy new concepts and new styles. I enjoy the different ideas and creativity!
I now also partake in real life tabletop rpgs; dungeons and dragons, pathfinder, trail of Cthulhu. This means about 3 times a week, I meet up with a bunch of really awesome people to roleplay in person. It's super fun! I'm currently involved in 3 campaigns. One each of the games I mentioned. In D&D (5e) I play a half-elf Warlock named Azaelia Cinderwood. In Pathfinder...A dwarf ranger named Ohgrin (he's got himself a little companion which is a cougar named Ember!)...And in TOC; Elizabeth Winters who is a Nurse. I took up tabletop rpgs around April this year as a hobby to distract myself from a heavy break up. It's introduced me to a lot of really awesome people.


Who is Emysia? Ems11

Who is Emysia? 8156b20f7dWho is Emysia? 8176ddba0dWho is Emysia? Mmwck

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Who is Emysia?
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