Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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 11/06/16 UPDATES

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Character Size: 99cm
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11/06/16 UPDATES Empty
PostSubject: 11/06/16 UPDATES   11/06/16 UPDATES EmptySun Nov 06, 2016 6:07 am

A lot of things have happened to SR this past week, most of which I don't feel the need to elaborate on. However, this isn't why I made this. I made this to tell you guys about some changes I've made to the site. I would also like to apologize to our new users for our disorderly site, the site is going through some changes and updates for many different reasons. This shouldn't last for long so just bear with us.

We are hosting our first ever contest here on Seeking Redemption! It's an advertising contest. Why should you participate? Well, the staff team is always busy doing something and sometimes it's a little hard to remember to advertise the site. We want this place to grow and flourish so that it can become a fun, creative and interactive community with a safe environment to roleplay in. So this is where you come in as members. For more information about the contest, please refer to here. Most of your questions should be answered there.

I'm sure you guys have noticed that most if not all of our widgets have been taken down and are now up on top of the forums main page. We thought this was a good way to grab your guys' attention right away. If there are any bugs or troubles, please pm Night. He's your guy.

I have taken the time to added a few new boards to the forum. The new forums are Herbage Encyclopedia, Nemo's Garbage, Contests and Raffles, Completed Contest and Raffles, and OTM winners. I thought it would be cool that you guys as members write and type up your own herb and illness and their effects guides that everyone can use. It would give me time to do other things around the site and give you guys an interactive role and part in the sites development.

These past two days I have been working hard on updating the sites images, I felt that we needed a few changes picture wise around the site. I have just recently added and did the pictures to the species widget and I've made some new forum topic buttons. Incase nobody checked the rules there have been some changes. Instead of starting out with two free characters you get up to four new slots. We hope you enjoy!

Since you can create so many accounts here on SR it can get confusing on who is who. To help with this confusion I have taken the initiative of making a post where people can post who they roleplay. I have also added another slot in the character information tab. Please fill that out as it will be helpful. You can post who you roleplay in this thread here.

This concludes the announcement. Any questions post below!


11/06/16 UPDATES Nero11

11/06/16 UPDATES 1nero10  11/06/16 UPDATES 1ala10  11/06/16 UPDATES 1rishi10
11/06/16 UPDATES 1book10
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PostSubject: Re: 11/06/16 UPDATES   11/06/16 UPDATES EmptySun Nov 06, 2016 10:24 am

Before you do actually edit the 'display' above the forum, Nero, I need to go over a few things about when you edit the code since there are stuff in there that if you do edit the wrong thing, it can drastically damage the code and display.
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11/06/16 UPDATES
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