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 Herbs for Healing Wounds

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Herbs for Healing Wounds Empty
PostSubject: Herbs for Healing Wounds   Herbs for Healing Wounds EmptySun Nov 06, 2016 4:25 pm

Blackberry Leaves
Description: Prickly leaves from the blackberry bush.
Location: Almost anywhere; they are very handy plants.
Usage: These leaves are chewed into a pulp.
Effect: Eases the swelling of bee stings.

Burdock Root
Description: Tall-stemmed thistle with a sharp smell and dark leaves.
Location: Best in dry areas.
Usage: The root is dug up, the soil is washed off, and then it is chewed into a pulp.
Effect: Lessens and heals the pain of infected rat bites; used to prevent infection of rat bites.


Description: Yellow flower with four petals.
Location: Grows better in forested areas, but also in wet areas.
Usage: Juice is trickled into the eye.
Effect: Soothes damaged eyes.


Description: A small, white flower with a large, yellow center.
Location: Can be found in Twoleg gardens.
Usage: Eaten.
Effect: Strengthens the heart and soothes the mind. Also given to travelers for strength.


Description: A sweet-smelling plant with large, leafy, fern-like leaves and small white flowers.
Location: In the Forest Territories, it was found at Snakerocks.
Usage: Chewed to extract the juice of the leaves or the root.
Effect: For infected wounds and bellyache, respectively. Can be used during whelping


Description: Long, thin, shiny strands spun into a web by spiders. Very common.
Location: All around the forest
Usage: Press over wound.
Effect: To soak up and stop (or slow) the bleeding. It may also be used to bind broken bones.

Comfrey Root
Description: It has large leaves, small bell-shaped flowers, which are pink, white, or purple, and fat, black roots. It's known for its tangy scent.
Location: Unknown
Usage: Roots are chewed into a poultice
Effect: Repairs broken bones or soothes wounds. Also used for wrenched claws. Can be used for itching or for inflammation on stiff joints as well.


Description: Common yellow-flowered plant with long, hollow stems.
Location: Unknown
Usage: The white liquid is thought to be applied to bee stings. Leaves can be chewed.
Effect: Thought to soothe and heal bee stings. Its leaves can also be chewed to act like a painkiller.


Description: Common, large-leafed plant with a tangy smell and taste.
Location: Doesn't grow well in mountains, best in leafy areas.
Usage: Chewed up and applied to scratches. Similar to sorrel.
Effect: Soothes scratches, though can sting when being applied. Soothes sore pads.


Description: Thin, spiky leaves
Location: Unknown
Usage: Stalks are broken and juice is squeezed into the receiver's mouth.


Description: A tall plant with bright, yellow flowers.
Location: Grows well on moors
Usage: Chewed into a poultice
Effect: Good for healing wounds.


Description: A tall, bristly-stemmed plant, referred to with fleshy stalks
Location: Any marshy area
Usage: Chewed to a poultice, and applied to wounds
Effect: Treats infections

Description: A low-growing flower, yellow to bright orange
Location: Near water
Usage: Petals or leaves chewed in a poultice. Juice can be used as well
Effect: Stops infection & bleeding. Used for inflammation of stiff joints.

Dried Oak Leaf
Description: Round, ruffled leaves.
Location: All over the forest floor and collected in leaf-fall.
Usage: Unknown, but stored in a dry place.
Effect: Stops infection from setting in.

Ragwort Leaves

Description: Tall shrub with yellow flowers. Tastes foul to cats.
Location: Unknown
Usage: Crushed and chewed; mixed with juniper berries, it can help aching joints.
Effect: Treats aching joints and keeps a wolf's strength up

Description: Ragged-leaved plant resembling a fern.
Location: Thought to be commonly found in the mountains
Usage: Thought to give extra strength
Effect: Like lamb's ear, ragweed gives extra strength and energy

Raspberry Leaves
Description: Soft to the touch, but with jagged edges.
Location: In forests
Usage: Presumably eaten
Effect: Could possibly ease pain, stop bleeding, could be a painkiller, or help stop bleeding during whelping

Description: It has long narrow leaves and lavender-colored head stalks
Location: Unknown
Usage: Used to bind broken bones
Effect: Helps hold a broken limb in place, such as casts for humans


Description: The best remedy for poison, especially snake bites
Location: Unknown
Usage: Thought to be applied to wounds
Effect: Thought to heal poison

Stinging Nettle
Description: It has green, spiny seeds.
Location: All over the forest
Usage: The seeds are eaten by someone who's swallowed poison, or the leaves are chewed into a poultice for a wound.
Effect: Induces vomiting, or brings down swelling, respectively. Can be mixed with comfrey to help heal broken bones. Helps with wounds

Description: It has a strong, romantic scent to it and a sharp taste
Location: Unknown
Usage: Chewed and put on the wound
Effect: Its root is good for treating all wounds and extracting poison

Wild Garlic

Description: Due to its strong smell, it is good for hiding the scent of a certain Clan, and disguising cats on raids.
Location: Can be found in forests
Usage: One must roll in it
Effect: Prevents infection, especially rat bites.

Willow Bark

Description: Bark of the willow tree
Location: Grows near human civilizations, and in forests
Usage: Unknown
Effect: Eases pain


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Herbs for Healing Wounds
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