Semi-realistic, Literate, feline and canine roleplay
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 Nero the Destroyer of Sardothien

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Character Information
Character Size: 99cm
Other Characters: Alayus & Rishi
Animal Species: Dire Wolf

Nero the Destroyer of Sardothien Empty
PostSubject: Nero the Destroyer of Sardothien   Nero the Destroyer of Sardothien EmptyMon Oct 24, 2016 5:47 am


Nero the Destroyer of Sardothien 88498310

Nero the Destroyer, Reaper, Bringer of Death, or Devils Spawn


5 years old

Sardothien or Pixduas?:
Alpha of Sardothien

purebred dire wolf



How about no?

Nixon - illegitimate son by previous mate - brother of Mekhi
Mekhi(Micheal) - illegitimate son by previous mate - brother of Nixon

Eye Color:
A dark evergreen green

Special markings/scars:
Nero is riddled with scars though his thick black fur hides most of them. He has a scar that just barely missed his left eye another noticeable mark is a scar that runs along his muzzle.

General appearance:
Nero is like the night, black with the occasional gray and white clouds. His fur is black just like the night with a light grayish tan woven into his onyx colored pelt. White patches can be found in other places such as his chest, underbelly, and underneath his muzzle. Surrounding the white fur is a light shade of gray that slowly transitions into his onyx colored fur. If his scar riddled appearance wasn't daunting enough his size definitely will. Being a purebred dire wolf Nero gets the extra milestone of being rather muscular with a definition. His size is an extra bonus standing at 99cm, he is a monstrous size. His bulkiness along with his overall size most of the time deterred his foes. The male has other more extream scars he gained from his rather hostile life. A rather large scar can be found along his right side and another can be found on his underbelly, one he barely survived from. Nero distinctly smells of roasted walnuts and spring rain.

General personality:
Flirtatious- A constant ploy always at work. Nero isn't one afraid to flirt or use his otherwise good looks to his advantage. His rank and power is another way to lure those in and should those fail his prestige and smooth talking normally guarantees his trap. He loves making those around his uncomfortable or nervous, a tactic he uses often. Another reason he flirts is to divert one's attention from his true motive. Don't be fooled, though, he may not take things seriously it doesn't make him a fool. He can be serious and a serious Nero is a dangerous Nero.

Intellectual- Nero isn't the muscular jock you think he is. He is actually a very intelligent specimen and this can make him a very formidable foe, he didn't win so many battles using just his size and prestige. This trait of his can make him a feared wolf if he wasn't already.

Observant- Nero is a very observant wolf and hardly lets something slip his notice and this makes it hard to fool him or catch him off guard. He has to be observant if he want's to stay alive and still keep his neck on his shoulders.

Possessive- His dominance and the added fact that he doesn't like his things being taken away from him can make Nero possessive. He doesn't just let felines and canines take away his things without some kind of repercussion. Repercussions that usually lead to a torn out throat or being humiliated.

Creative- The mind is a dangerous tool and the imagination is even greater. The possibilities are endless and Nero knows that. He is a very creative wolf, one who doesn't lack imagination and isn't afraid to put his imagination to good use. He sometimes can even amuse himself with his own wicked mind. After all the mind is a very powerful tool, one to be weary of.

Impulsive- Usually Nero is a level headed wolf, but his temper can make him a bit impulsive and quick to be on defensive. However, when it comes to his pack and rank he takes thing slowly and almost cautiously. If only that was all the time.

Dominant- A dominate male is one thing, but a dominant wolf with a high rank and good prestige is another fact entirely. Nero despises it when others try to dominate him or challenge his authority and is quick to put you in your place. He prides himself on being the boss and won't have it any other way.

Devious- Nero isn't the most honorable wolf and will fight dirty or get his paws dirty when it comes to threats, his pack, and over all self-goals. He won't hesitate to get things done, no matter the how on how it would be accomplished.

Egotistical- Nero is very self-centered and hardly thinks others are more important than him. He doesn't care about others feelings and thinks highly of himself. This can make him intolerable to others, especially to his littermates.

Sinister- Nero is a cruel wolf who has no qualms punishing those he just A) doesn't like or B) deserves it. He a vicious fighter and just a cruel wolf in general. His creativity makes him even scarier than most.


  • Power

  • Fighting

  • Swimming


  • Weakness

  • Disobediance

  • Challenges to his title

Nero is a direct descendent of Demetrius and a long and pure blood line of dire wolves who is the known creator of Sardothien. The Sardothien lineage has been passed down from father to offspring throughout countless generations. Out of his entire litter, Nero was the largest and most dominant with a very bad attitude. As he grew it quickly became apparent that Nero was the best suitable to become the next alpha of Sardothien. At a suitable age, Nero's father named him heir of Sardothien and his successor should he die. Nero despised his father, but he acted to him with indifference and actually celebrated his death until he heard exactly who killed him. Heino, Pixduas' current alpha at the time killed his father in a battle, the war that has been going on throughout Sardothien's and Pixduas' history. Normally the heir would be forced to kill the feline or canine that killed their father and alpha. It was a way to show that you were loyal to Sardothien and would exact revenge on those who tried to mess with Sardothien. Nero didn't kill Heino as he wasn't a stickler for ceremonial traditions.

Nero's first two years as alpha was uneventful, boring even. However, he secured his place as reigning alpha and ruled with an iron fist. This year Nero would have been his first mating season being he just turned two and was going on three. His attention was caught by an Omega who at the time was a Pixduas spy and was gathering intel for her pack to finally defeat Sardothien once and for all. She didn't like Nero, but she put on a good show and played Nero like a fool. During their courtship, Naomi relayed all the information that Nero told her until one day Nero asked her if she would be his mate for life. She accepted, of course, knowing she would get even more information for her pack to use against them. When she was announced Alphess she and Nero mated, resulting in the conception of Nero's twin sons. A few weeks later Nero saw Naomi leave camp in the middle of the night as he got back from a night hunt. He followed her, curious as to why she would be without her guards. What little good was left in him was completely tarnished that night, overwhelmed by the anger and hate.

It was that night Nero learned that Naomi was, in fact, a spy. Naomi was talking to Yang and Heino, explaining and trading information to them. Enraged Nero attacked, barely missing his mate Naomi who fled to safety with Yang and that left Nero to fight Heino. The fight was drawn out, but in the end, Nero was just too relentless and stronger than Heino that in the end Nero rose victorious and Heino fell. Letting out a howl Nero promised Naomi that she would pay, the Sardothien pack strengthened that promise with howls of their own.

Nero didn't follow through with his threat right away, he knew Naomi would be on guard. It wasn't until months later that Nero snuck into Pixduas territory smelling of the earth. He was shocked to find Naomi in the pack's nursery, two pups suckling from her teats. She seemed to be the only she-wolf who had a litter and Nero took the opportunity to attack and seriously wound his mate. There he watched her as she bled out, watching her life's essence dribble from her wounds. As she died Nero watched his mate curl her tail and body to protect her pups. Nero might have been overjoyed that he was a father if his heart hadn't been broken and betrayed by his mate, the one he thought he loved. He didn't even wait for her to die before he got up, but before he left Naomi managed to say the pups weren't his, but instead someone else's. He didn't believe her and told her so, it was obvious that they were his with them having his looks and scent. He walked out and headed for the Alphess den, her guards off duty which made his job much easier. As he drew closer he found Yang and her daughter, the next heir, Maple talking. When he heard what they were talking about he quickly cut them off, efficiently killing both and mauling them to the point beyond recognition. Once done he left Pixduas territory and went back to Sardothien. There he ruled with an even crueler way than before.

Nixon \\ Male \\ Son \\ Alive
Mekhi \\ Male \\ Son \\ Alive
Nyjah \\ Male \\ Brother \\ Alive
Sethos \\ Male \\ Brother \\ Alive
Elmakai \\ Male \\ Father \\ Deceased
Sabriel \\ Female \\ Sister \\ Alive
Agatha \\ Female \\ Mother \\ Alive
Silas \\ Male \\ Uncle \\ Alive
Naomi \\ Female \\ Mate \\ Deceased
Eliza \\ Female \\ Sister \\ Alive
Brath \\ Male \\ Half-brother \\ Alive


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